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Loot Quest v.3.3.3

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Loot Quest v3.3.3 (by Delwion#2667)

Hunt enemies for a chance to obtain epic loot and save your progress with the help of a 40-digit save code in this long-term, slow progress PvE RPG mode (you slowly progress over the course of several matches)!

Share Code (v3.3.3): 4PFF1

New, single-script version, including the data of all 16 maps. Select the map you wish to play on before starting the game. Loading a level 50+ savegame on Eichenwalde will switch to the heroic version of the map. (Map detector v2.2 by KevlaR was used for map detection.)

Maps and recommended player levels

  • Eichenwalde: 1-12
  • Blizzard World: 3-15
  • Numbani: 6-18
  • Dorado: 9-21
  • Paris: 12-24
  • Havana: 15-27
  • Junkertown: 18-30
  • Hollywood: 21-33
  • Hanamura: 24-36
  • Rialto: 27-39
  • Route 66: 30-42
  • Volskaya Industries: 33-45
  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar: 36-48
  • Horizon Lunar Colony: 39-51
  • King's Row: 42-54
  • Temple of Anubis: 45-57
  • Eichenwalde - Hall of Heroes: 48+

Setup - Lobby

  • Team 1: 6 AI bots (medium): McCree, Mei, Reaper, Roadhog, Soldier: 76, Zenyatta (need to be added before the match starts!)
  • Team 2: 1-4 human players

Gameplay - Beginner's Guide

  • Defeat enemies for XP and a chance to obtain loot. Press Crouch to pick up loot.
  • The further away you go from your spawn room, the stronger the enemies will be.
  • If you pick up an equippable item, it's placed in your inventory (HUD text on the right).
  • You can equip the item in your inventory with "Acknowledge" when out of combat and at full health, or you can sell it for money by pressing Interact (F key by default).
  • You can only carry one item in your inventory. Your equipped item is displayed on the left side.
  • The number next to an item's hero icon is the item's power level. Power level is an indicator of how powerful and rare an item is. Everyone begins the game for the first time as a Tracer with power level 5.
  • Better items will have more default abilities unlocked, have better base stat bonuses (damage dealt, damage received, max health, move speed, and projectile speed), can have special abilities and a cosmetic effect.
  • A higher player level (obtained from XP, displayed as small number following your name in the UI) slightly increases your base stats and your drop rates.
  • If you want to save your progress (equipped item including all its stats, money, player level, XP%, number of boss items), use the green circle station in the spawn room with Crouch and press PRINT SCREEN to keep an image of the code that appears on screen. You can only get one code per minute and your progress is saved with the values you had in the moment you got the code (any changes after that are not saved in that code anymore).
  • To load a savegame, use the white circle station in the spawn room with Crouch (which will freeze your character while you enter a code). See Controls below on how to enter a code.
  • The other stations in the spawn room are not that important at the very start. You can read what each of them does in the list of Stations in the Spawn Room below.
  • If you're a new player, it's recommend you start on the map Eichenwalde (recommended player level 1-12).


  • General commands:

  • Crouch to pick up items or use a station in the spawn room.

  • Interact to sell the item in your inventory for money.

  • Communicate: Need Healing to teleport back to the spawn room (when out of combat).

  • Communicate: Acknowledge to equip the item that is currently selected in your inventory (only available when out of combat and at full health).

  • Communicate: Group Up to use a boss summon item (only one player can have a boss summon item active at a time; unusable when there is already a boss in the game that hasn’t been defeated yet)

  • Communicate: Hello to use the teleport special ability (if the player has an item with that ability equipped).

  • When entering a code (“Load Hero” station):

  • Interact to increase the current digit by 1.

  • Crouch to jump to the next digit (and confirm the code after digit 40).

  • Ability 1 to go back to the previous digit.

  • Secondary Fire to cancel enter code mode.

Stations in the Spawn Room

  • Green and purple light pillar: Teleporters that transport you to the second and the fourth hunting zone (of five) of the current map.
  • White circle: Loads a previous save state after you'v entered a 40-digit save code.
  • Green circle: Displays a save code for your current progress (item in the inventory is not saved). Can only be used once every 60 seconds. Press pritn screen to keep an image of your code.
  • Yellow circle: Buy boss summon items for 250 money each.
  • Blue circle: Crafting: Obtain a random item of at least green quality (rank 4) for 250 money + 15 money per player level.
  • Red circle: Item Upgrade: Has a chance to upgrade the item in your inventory (right side) to the next highest rank.

Full instructions and details posted on the official forums:


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