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How to find the currently played map

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This tutorial will teach you how to support multiple maps for your workshop creations. This will come handy if you need a variable to change (ex: an effect's position) depending on the map that has been selected for the match. It used to be a more complicated process, but an update to the Workshop made it very easy.

Setting up your rules

It's time to setup your rules for each map. First, create or open a project in a custom game. Open the workshop menu and add a new rule. Keep the event to Ongoing - Global. Rename the rule to include the map name so that you can find it easily.

Setting up your conditions

It's time to create your condition needed to compare the map. Add a condition and put CURRENT MAP as your first value. Keep == as the comparator. The second value needs to be MAP. You can then choose the map from the list.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your map:

  • Control maps (which are split in to three parts) such as Ilios don't have a different map value for each part if you're playing the control gamemode. You'd have to pick ILIOS in this case. The three parts are available on the list, but they only work for arcade modes such as deathmatch, elimination or CTF. If you want to check which part is being played in a control mode, add another condition where you compare OBJECTIVE INDEX with 0, 1 or 2.
  • Some maps have event variations such as Winter King's Row or Halloween Hollywood. These event variation are not considered the same as the normal maps. They're all a separate value in the map list. If you want your actions to apply for all variations or maybe if you want the same actions for multiple maps, use the OR condition and put COMPARE for both values. In each comparison, you can put the same conditions we did earlier with different maps.

Setting up your actions

You can now add whatever actions in your rules that need to be executed in a specific map! Create as many rules as you like to cover each maps supported by your project.