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💣 Symmetra Minefields

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2 months ago

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Set Up

The team's roles are as follow:

Team Role
1 Sym Symmetra
2 MS Minesweeper




  • You have 60 seconds to set up turrets around the map in Phase 1.
  • Prevent the Minesweeper from getting to their objective as shown by a Flag icon.
  • A Symmetra Clone (Bot) is available to set up more turrets. Each Symmetra player controls 1 Symmetra Clone.
  • Press [Interact] to toggle between you and your clone.
  • When your clone is activated, using Sentry Turret will place your clone's Sentry Turret instead.
  • This means each Symmetra player controls 6 turrets (3 from themselves, 3 from their Clone).



  • You will start at the Waiting Point while the Symmetra Team sets up the turrets.
  • You have ==3 minutes== to reach the objective as shown by the ==Flag icon== in ==Phase 2==.
  • You need to stay in the objective for ==3 seconds== to score point.
  • Avoid and destroy Symmetra turrets along the way.
  • You only have invincibility while in the Starting Point, leaving that area will clear off your invincibility.
  • If you die, you do not respawn until next round.


Event 1 Point awarded to...
Time ran out in Phase 2 Sym Symmetra Team
All Minesweepers died Sym Symmetra Team
1 Minesweeper reached objective MS Minesweeper Team

First team to reach 3 points win!

Important note

  • Not all maps are supported currently.
  • The game requires a manual start. (esc -> Lobby -> Start game mode)
  • Make any role switches before starting the game. Bugs may occur if players switch roles mid-game.


As Symmetra


As Minesweeper





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about 1 month ago 1.2.1


  • Rewritten the introduction messages/game instructions to be more detailed.
  • Symmetra Clone is now automatically activated after using Turret ability 3 times while Clone is not active.
  • Moved the Dorado Waiting Point to a new location, the previous location is too glaring.

New Arena

  • Dorado Arena 2 - Uses the same section as Arena 1, but different points layout. More ways to play!

Changelog for 1.2.0 - same code

For some reason missed out this changelog.

New map

  • Hollywood - consists of 2 arenas, the game will choose 1 at random during play.

Hero changes

  • Mccree: No longer has access to fan the hammer.
    Due to a recent update on infinite ammo, Mccree will keep using fan the hammer without a way to stop it
  • Now spawns without mech, health adjusted to be the same as all other heroes (60HP).
    Having 2nd life and total 75 HP makes her objectively better than other heroes, this advantage has to be removed.

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug where Minesweeper Team wins instantly when Phase 2 starts if there's a Minesweeper not yet spawned.

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about 1 month ago 1.1.0

General changes

  • Minesweepers now spawn in a Aqua-coloured Waiting Point, so they can't see the Symmetras setting up the turrets. They will then be teleported to the Orange-coloured Starting Point when Phase 2 starts.
  • Symmetra players can hold down the crouch button to slow down while on the ground, or stay afloat in the air, for fine tuning and placement of turrets.
  • All players now have infinite ammunition.
  • When Minesweepers are teleported to the Starting Point, they now have Phased Out instead of Invincibility. This means turrets will not target them while they are in the Starting Point. Phased Out will be removed once they stepped out of the Starting Point.


  • Removed Castillo and Necropolis as there is no place to set up Waiting Points.
  • Most maps have their list of points (where Starting and Finishing Points are chosen) changed.
  • Some maps now have more than 1 "arena". Arena refers to a set of points that the Starting and Finishing Points can be chosen. Starting and Finishing Points cannot be from different arenas. When the game is launched, if a map has more than 1 arena, a random one will be chosen.
  • As of this patch, Blizzard World, Petra, and Eichenwalde now support 2 sets of arenas.

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2 months ago 1.0.1

General update

  • Reduced the Starting and Finishing spheres radius slightly.
  • Minesweepers are required to stay in the Finishing sphere for 3 seconds to score a point, leaving the sphere or dying while in the sphere will stop the countdown.
  • If match time reaches 0 with a Minesweeper in the finishing sphere while waiting for the 3 seconds "stay on objective" to finish, Overtime will trigger. Leaving the sphere or dying will grant Symmetra team a point.

Heroes update

  • Mercy: Disabled resurrection.

    They are too strong when there are multiple Mercy players in a team.

  • Pharah: Reduced the regeneration rate for hover jet.

    Set the cooldown to be in line with the other vertical movement abilties in the game.

New maps supported

  • Dorado (2 points - 2 map configurations).
  • Eichenwalde (4 points - 12 map configurations).

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2 months ago 1.0.0

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