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Island Party - Heroes Minigames

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about 1 year ago

Last updated:
10 months ago

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Island Party - Heroes Minigames 🏝️🎉

Play fast rounds of 21 classic and new games as minigames and score points such as Widow HS only, McCree Hot Potato, Zen Sparta, Echo Rings...

Hero Gamemode Play it more on Creator Dev notes
Ana Paintball 9G11W Toothpaste Implemented
Ashe Shooting Gallery ????? ????? Vote for it
Bastion World of Tanks 33NKS Jokaes Implemented
Brigitte Boop 55MMT / ZYDQM Farron / Block Implemented
Doomfist Doom Sumo ZWE5E / 2A2YA Crebos & Caluminium / KikuGie Implemented
Dva Air Race DV5CA Jokaes Implemented
Echo Rings XECF0 Jokaes Implemented
Genji Dash BBQ9Z Gantz Implemented
Lúcio Snot Collector KAJAB Jokaes Implemented
McCree Hot Potato E515J Kevlar Implemented
Mei Snowball MQCCY Mitsiee Implemented
Mercy 1 Punch YWKSZ & D7VC0S Parachor Implemented
Pharah Pharmercy Simulated DKKKD Seita Implemented
Reinhardt Last Man Bouncing KXQZ1 Kevlar & Jinko Vote for it
Roadhog 12 Hooks 1 Hole WQHER Block Implemented
Sigma Dodgeball 8P769 / AN5P7 Pug / Voxcae Implemented
Soldier: 76 Sprint Racing STJTC Darwin Implemented
Sombra Hack To Kill YJK0D6 TehFoot Implemented
Symmetra Teleport to the color ????? ????? Vote for it
Torbjörn Hammer only PHGM1 Jokaes Implemented
Tracer Steal the crown 0X8N0 Kevlar Implemented
Widowmaker HS Only EA5XD Toothpaste Implemented
Winston Monkey Sumo RA906 Jokaes Implemented
Wrecking Ball Aerial Ball Golf ????? ????? Vote for it
Zenyatta Sparta RZEX5 Jokaes / OC by Darwin Implemented

Island Party - Special Editions

First to 30 points Z9VEE

Example of credit Example of credit

[youtube 3rFr_-iSkmI]

Version scheme => mayorUpdate.minorUpdate.fix-nMinigames[.prerelease]


12 months ago 0.7.2-15.alpha

  • Tracer - Steal the crown
    • Now the crown is very very heavy (The queen has now 500% gravity)
  • Echo - Rings
    • Fixed bug when you get healing over time after you kill yourself with Echo

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about 1 year ago 0.7.1-15.alpha

  • Fixed description

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about 1 year ago 0.7.0-15.alpha

  • NEW MINIGAME Echo - Rings
    • Collect rings from different rarities and disturb the other Echo
  • Changes on description HUD
  • Steal the Crown
    • Stunt now only work if you meele as a queen (1s.) or to a queen (0.75)
    • Better feedback on taking the crown for the center of the map
  • Pharah auras are more consistent (still bugged tho)
  • Sombra position after dying changed
  • Fix on Tracer scoring when killing

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about 1 year ago 0.6.0-14.alpha

  • NEW MINIGAME Brig - Boop
  • NEW MINIGAME Pharah - Pharmercy Simulated
  • Description HUD moved down to avoid overlaping with 'while you wait' and voice chat HUD
  • Soldier - Sprint Racing necessary points changed from 6 to 5
  • Little bugfixes
  • KNOW BUG: Sometimes at the start of Pharah minigame the effects dont show up

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about 1 year ago 0.5.0-12.alpha

  • New totally new version of Sombra - Hack To Kill thanks to TehFoot
  • McCree Hot Potato new scoring system bugfix

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about 1 year ago 0.4.0-12.alpha

  • Sombra - Hack to kill
  • Bastion - World of tanks
  • McCree Hot Potato and Tracer Steal the Crown reworked with tons of bugfixes
  • McCree Hot Potato new HUD with HP
  • Scoring system changed in some minigames
  • New small message when you win points
  • Description updated
  • New Soldier objective icon
  • Doom ult modified a bit
  • Variables reconstructed and resorted
  • Skins off. For optimization reasons (now the minigames load faster)

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about 1 year ago 0.3.0-10.alpha

3 NEW MINIGAMES ADDED And bugfixes...

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about 1 year ago 0.2.0-7.alpha

Variables restructured New HUDs Player joining and not dying fixed New feedback effects Lots of little fixes Crown grab range increased 50% Now Soldier Sprint Racing is a first to 6 New rounds not starting fix More...

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about 1 year ago 0.1.6-7.alpha

Player joining fix. Steal the Crown looks like it's working.

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about 1 year ago 0.1.5-7.alpha

Tons of small fixes most of then to Steal the Crown Soldier objective radius 1 -> 1.5

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about 1 year ago 0.1.4-7.alpha

Bug fixes and HUD updated

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about 1 year ago 0.1.3-7.alpha

This revision contains no notes

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