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3 months ago

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3 months ago

gun game

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FFA Deathmatch Gun Game where players need to reach 500* damage on a hero to progress to the next.

It's all about damage done so them kill steal don't count for anything.

There is a catch up mechanic that means anyone could be hot on the heels of the leading players.

*The target damage amount can be adjusted in the 2nd rule. Global variable T.

"catch up mechanic" There's a catch up mechanic which kicks in when someone reaches the 5th hero. The further behind a player is, the greater their damage counts for (it does not increase their damage output, just their score gain) If desired this mechanic can be turned off by changing glob variable X to 0. Again in rule 2. The default is 1. (1 = leader on 10th hero, a player on 5th hero be getting 150% damage score and another player on only the 2nd hero would be getting 180%) The value could be increase (or decreased 0.#) 1.5, 2, 3.. but higher than that you'll find everyone in the lobby will get to last hero nearly the same time.