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Heat Street PvE Survival (Château Guillard)

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1 - 5 players face off against a team of bots. Your objective is to survive all 22 waves, each increasing in difficulty. The survivors start with a small selection of heroes, but from time to time a new hero will become available to rescue. Bring them to the drop-off point to unlock them. You can change your hero between waves by holding the Interact button. The AI is able to play 13 different heroes, some of which have new abilities. The gamemode automatically scales to the player count, but it will still be easier with a full team of five. Stay together to avoid being overrun. Watch out for boss waves!

Other Maps:

Enemy notes:

Tier 1:

  • Brigitte: High damage in close range, especially if the players are grouped together.
  • McCree: Low health.
  • Soldier 76: Low health.

Tier 2:

  • Baptiste: Instantly revives any ally that dies near him with a short cooldown.
  • Sombra: Can tase the player, causing them to lose the ability to move and use any abilities. In addition the player's aim is thrown off and they fire their weapon uncontrollably. Sombra will stand still and flash brightly while tasing and any damage to her will stop the effect. There can only be one Sombra bot at any time.
  • Widowmaker: High range and damage. While Infra-Sight is active, all enemies will aim for your head instead of your body.

Tier 3:

  • Orisa: Very high health. Moves slowly when shooting.
  • Roadhog: High health and damage.
  • Sigma: High health and damage. There can only be one Sigma bot at any time.
  • Tracer: When Tracer's health is low, she will drop a Pulse Bomb and use Recall, which will place her behind her current target.


  • Bastion: Very high health and damage. When Bastion's health is low, it will transform to tank mode and restore all of its health. Spawns every even boss wave.
  • Genji: High health and damage. When Genji's health is low, he will use Dragonblade. Spawns every odd boss wave alongside Hanzo.
  • Hanzo: High health and damage. When Hanzo's health is low, he will use Storm Arrows. Spawns every odd boss wave alongside Genji.

Player notes:

  • Mercy: Her Resurrect ability works on downed players. It is instant, has 10 meters range and does not require line of sight. Mercy can use it every 20 seconds.
  • Sombra: Shortly after entering Stealth Sombra becomes phased out for 3 seconds. Stealth automatically ends thereafter. Hack also disables the victim's weapon.


The enemies grow stronger with every wave, dealing and withstanding more damage. New enemies and enemy abilities unlock gradually with the waves. Here's a complete list:

  • 1: New enemies: McCree, Soldier 76
  • 2: New enemy: Widowmaker
  • 3: New enemy: Brigitte
  • 4: New enemy: Roadhog
  • 5: Boss Wave: Genji and Hanzo
  • 6: New enemy: Baptiste
  • 7: New enemy: Orisa
  • 8: New enemy: Sombra
  • 9: New enemy: Tracer
  • 10: Boss Wave: Bastion
  • 11: New enemy: Sigma
  • 12: Baptiste can use Immortality Field
  • 13: Boss Wave: Genji and Hanzo
  • 14: Roadhog can use Whole Hog
  • 15: Orisa can use Supercharger
  • 16: Boss Wave: Bastion
  • 17: Widowmaker can use Infra-Sight
  • 18: Sombra can use EMP
  • 19: Boss Wave: Genji and Hanzo
  • 20: Sigma can use Gravitic Flux
  • 21: Genji and Hanzo can now spawn as normal enemies instead of boss enemies. There can only be one additional boss spawned this way.
  • 22: Boss Wave: Bastion

Mutator Mode:

Mutators is an alternative gamemode to spice things up for experienced players. With mutators activated, the players earn points by killing enemies and surviving waves which can be spent to buy abilities that greatly enhance the players' power. In return every three waves a random mutator is activated which increases the difficulty in one out of 14 ways. The gamemode can be activated by holding the Interact button during the first wave.

Player Abilites:

  • Headhunter (800): Critical hits deal 40%/80% more damage
  • Quick Fix (700): Eliminations restore 50/100 HP and shortly increase speed by 20%/40%
  • Charged (700): Ultimates cost 20%/40% less
  • Heavy Impact (1000): Every hit has a chance to stun the enemy for 1/2 seconds
  • Second Wind (900): 25%/45% chance to revive yourself after going down
  • Binding Heal (700): Heal yourself for 25%/50% the amount when healing allies
  • Resilient (800): Take 30% less damage while below 30%/60% health
  • Ambush (800): Attacks from behind or above deal 25%/50% more damage
  • Haste (700): Ability Cooldown is reduced by 25%/50%


  • Fortified: Enemies are resistant to most status effects
  • Amped: Enemies move and turn faster
  • Creeps: Enemies explode when killed
  • Extended Arsenal: Enemies can use additional abilities
  • Fired up: Enemies below 50% health deal 30% more damage
  • The Cavalry: Tracer's spawnrate is increased
  • Regeneration: Enemies slowly regenerate health
  • Combat Medic: Baptiste's revive cooldown is halved
  • Shieldbreaker: Enemies deal double damage to shields
  • Death Guard: Reviving speed is halved while enemies are inside the ring
  • Deep Wounds: Health regeneration delay is doubled
  • Hurt me More: Downed Players emit damaging smoke for 10 seconds
  • Last Stand: Final Enemies gain damage resistance and unrestricted abilities
  • Advanced Medkit: Baptiste can revive Bosses

Made by Shingen#21859


10 days ago 2.0.1

  • Improved Bot Pathfinding after using Translocator or Recall
  • In Mutator Mode, Players that haven't spent any points yet now have a small damage reduction
  • Fixed a bug that caused Heavy Impact to stun enemies forever
  • Players that die on a jump pad are now moved to a better location to be revived

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14 days ago 2.0.0

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