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🏃 You move, You Die

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9 months ago

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you move you die seeker hide and seek

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🏃 You move, You die

You move, You die is a classic Overwatch custom game commonly played among the Custom Games community, before the era of Workshops.

Now with Workshop, most of the features can be automated, and opening new ways to play previously not possible.

The game is split into Runners and Seekers

  • Seeker (Team of 2): Move around the map to catch Runners moving. No camping or ambushing!
  • Runner (Team of 6): Get to the Seeker's spawn without getting caught moving in front of the Seekers.

All heroes have a set of abilities that will help them in their goals.

Hack, Trap, Stun, Frozen, and Sleep will "Blind" the Seekers, allowing Runners to move safely.

Runners' Abilities

Ana: Sleep Dart, Grenade (Speed Boost)
Ashe: Coach Gun, Dynamite
Baptiste: Immortality Field, Exo Boots
Bastion: Configuration: Tank, Self Repair (Limited Invincibility)
Brigette: Shield, Whip Shot
Dva: Booster, 2nd life
Doomfist: Rising Uppercut, Seismic Slam
Genji: Swift Strike, Cyberagility
Hanzo: Wall Climb, Sonic Arrow
Junkrat: Concussion Mine, Rip Tire
Mccree: Combat Roll, Flashbang (Longer stun)
Mei: Ice Wall, Cryofreeze (Freezes nearby Seekers)
Mercy: Resurrect, Guardian Angel
Moira: Biotic Orb, Fade (Launches her upwards at the end
Orisa: Halt, Fortify (Launches her 45 degrees upwards)
Pharah: Hover Jet, Concussion Blast
Reaper: Shadowstep (Launches him upwards at the end), Death Blossom (Freezes nearby Seekers)
Reinhardt: Shield, Charge
Roadhog: Hook (Launches him towards facing direction), Whole Hog
Sigma: Accretion (2s stun), Kinetic Grasp (Speed Boost)
Soldier 76: Sprint, Tactical Visor (Stuns)
Sombra: Hack, Non-infinite Stealth
Symmetra: Sentry Turrets, Photon Projector/Primary Fire (Launches her towards facing direction)
Torbjorn: Overload, Forge Hammer (Stuns)
Tracer: Blink (Launches her upwards at the end), Pulse Bomb (Stuns)
Widowmaker: Venom Mine, Grapple Hook
Winston: Jump Pack, Shield (Freezes Seekers inside)
Wrecking Ball: Roll, Adaptive Shield (Speed Boost)
Zarya: Graviton Surge, Personal Shield (Speed Boost)
Zenyatta: Orb of Destruction/Primary Fire (Launches him towards facing direction), Discord Orb

Seekers' Abilities

Ana: Grenade (Speed Boost)
Ashe: Coach Gun
Baptiste: Exo Boots
Bastion: Self Repair (Limited Invincibility)
Brigette: Shield
Dva: Booster
Doomfist: Uppercut
Genji: Cyberagility
Hanzo: Wall Climb
Junkrat: Trap
Mccree: Combat Roll
Mei: Ice Wall
Mercy: Guardian Angel
Moira: Fade
Orisa: Fortify (Launches her 45 degrees upwards)
Pharah: Hover Jet
Reaper: Wraith Form
Reinhardt: Shield
Roadhog: Take a Breather (Speed Boost)
Sigma: Kinetic Grasp (Speed Boost) Soldier 76: Sprint
Symmetra: Teleporter
Torbjorn: Overload
Tracer: Blink
Widowmaker: Grapple Hook
Winston: Jump Pack
Wrecking Ball: Adaptive Shield (Speed Boost)
Zarya: Personal Shield (Speed Boost)
Zenyatta: More movement speed, silent






Join my Workshop Discord group for updates, suggestions, feedback and bug reports. Just click on the picture below. DragonEngineer's Workshop

Known Issue

Pressing Symmetra Teleporter button does not destroy existing Symmetra Teleporter, instead it damages the teleporter. You will need to press the Teleporter button 10 times to fully destroy the Teleporter and bring it on cooldown. Hopefully Blizzard fix this.


You may host this game with friends or public, but please do not change the "Created by" name. Thanks.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to DumplingKing and ShieldGnrtr7 for help with code!


about 1 month ago 1.7.2

General Update

  • Made values changes in response to the Hero Balance changes in Patch 1.44.0

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2 months ago 1.7.1

General Update

  • Made values changes in response to the Hero Balance changes in Patch 1.43.0

Hero Balance Changes for Seekers

  • Zarya Bubble Cooldown increased from 8s to 9s

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3 months ago 1.7.0

General Update

  • Changes to map detection
  • HUD improvements
  • Fix an issue with Doomfist losing more health than expected when clearing the shields gained from his passive (Forgot to change this in OW patch 1.41)

Hero Balance Changes for Runners

  • Ana > Sleep Dart: 15s -> 20s Cooldown
  • Ashe > Dynamite: 4s -> 3s Cooldown
  • Doomfist > Rising Uppercut: 4s -> 5s Cooldown; Seismic Slam: 4s -> 5s Cooldown
  • Hanzo > Sonic Arrow: 12s -> 10s Cooldown
  • Mccree > Flashbang: 6s -> 8s Cooldown
  • Mei > Cryofreeze: 15s -> 20s Cooldown
  • Reaper > Death Blossom: 3s -> 4s Freeze Duration
  • Sigma > Accretion: 5s -> 8s Cooldown, 2s -> 2.5s Stun Duration; Kinetic Grasp: 8s -> 10s Cooldown
  • Soldier > Tactical Visor: 9s -> 6s Duration
  • Sombra > Hack: 15s -> 20s Cooldown
  • Symmetra > Turret: 4s -> 3s Cooldown
  • Torbjorn > Forge Hammer: 5s -> 6s Cooldown
  • Tracer > Pulse Bomb: 4s -> 3s Stun Duration
  • Widowmaker > Venom Mine: 4s -> 3s Cooldown
  • Winston > Shield: 6s -> 5s Freeze Duration
  • Zenyatta > Primary Fire: 8s -> 6s Cooldown

Hero Balance Changes for Seekers

  • Zenyatta > Removed primary fire. Now has 20% more base movement speed compared to other Seeker heroes along with a silent footsteps.
  • Junkrat > Trap: 12s -> 10s Cooldown

Hero Balance Changes for both teams

  • Wrecking Ball > Adapative Shield: +15% -> +25% Bonus Speed

The purpose of these changes is to reduce the overall power of "blind" abilities, while slightly improving corner checking abilities.

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5 months ago 1.6.3

  • Bastion now takes a very small damage when using Self Repair with full health, so the repair meter can go down.

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5 months ago 1.6.2

  • Fix a bug that Sigma's Accretion can't apply status effect to victim.
  • Accretion now deals 2s stun instead of 2s knocked down, since the game isn't programmed to detect knocked down effects.

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6 months ago 1.6.1

  • Fixed Sigma's HP (Should be 600 HP for all heroes)
  • The "Avoid Objective" Message should no longer appear when waiting for player.

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6 months ago 1.6.0

Technical changes

  • Changes to how impulse is applied to Orisa, Reaper, Moira, Tracer, Symmetra and Roadhog when using their respective abilities.

New playable character: Sigma

  • Runner: Kinetic Grasp gives +65% Speed Boost for 2 seconds; Accretion does 2s stun on a Seeker.
  • Seeker: Kinetic Grasp gives +65% Speed Boost for 2 seconds.

Hero Balance Changes for Runners Team

  • Bastion >> Tank Mode: 17s -> 20s Cooldown, 6s -> 10s Duration
  • Junkrat >> Riptire; 15s -> 16s Cooldown, 5s -> 10s Duration / Concussion Mine: 6s -> 5s Cooldown
  • Reaper >> Death Blossom: 15s -> 18s Cooldown, 2s -> 3s Freeze Duration, +100% -> +150% Speed Bonus
  • Roadhog >> Whole Hog: 16s -> 18s Cooldown, 100% -> 200% Knockback Scalar
  • Soldier >> Tactical Visor: 6s -> 9s Duration
  • Sombra >> Hack: 18s -> 15s Cooldown, 6s -> 5s Duration
  • Tracer >> Pulse Bomb: 9s -> 12s Cooldown, 3s -> 4s Stun Duration
  • Zarya >> Graviton Surge: 15s -> 17s Cooldown / Personal Shield: +75% -> +80% Speed

Hero Balance Changes for Seekers Team

  • Soldier >> 150% -> 100% Base Movement Speed
  • Symmetra >> Teleporter: 12s -> 5s Cooldown, 5s -> Infinite Duration
  • Zarya >> Personal Shield: +75% -> +80% Speed

Hero Balance Changes for Both Teams

  • Mei >> Ice Wall: 10s -> 12s Cooldown
  • Zenyatta >> Primary Fire: 7s -> 8s Cooldown

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7 months ago 1.5.2

  • More bug fixes from the refactoring
  • Seeker's max camping time increased from 15s to 20s
  • Seeker's Grace camping time increased from 5s to 8s
  • Seeker's camping timer decrease rate when broken LOS from runners increased from 0.5s to 0.75s.
  • Additional penalty for camping too long is removed
  • Burning no longer prevents Seekers from dealing damage to Runners
  • Seekers will now burn inside the Anti-camp zone again.

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7 months ago 1.5.1

  • Updated Workshop description to include my Workshop Discord invite.
  • Fixed a bug that Anticamp sphere is in the wrong place (oops)
  • Fixed a bug that Runners can win a round during Waiting for player state.

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7 months ago 1.5.0

  • Some codes refactoring, including changing variables.
  • Mei (Runner) Cryofreeze now requires Line of Sight to freeze Seekers.
  • Baby (Seeker) now dies instantly, instead of 1s delay.
  • Baby (Runner) should now reliably survive the initial mech death without taking damage.
  • Winston (Runner) shield's freeze no longer blocked by friendly barriers.
  • Changes to how Symmetra, Torbjorn and Zenyatta have their primary fires enabled at the start.
  • HUD changes to Seeker's Camp Timer text and Runner's Movement Speed text.
  • Heroes with special abilities will now be shown on the top left.
  • There is now a HUD that shows the time remaining to the round.
  • Some technical changes.

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8 months ago 1.4.4

When round exceeds 8 minutes, all players will now be teleported into environmental death. This is to prevent any team from winning because they have Baby surviving from Mech kill, or Baptiste Immortality Field to stop the kill.

When Runners reaches the Finish Line, they will no longer kill all Seekers to earn the point. Now points are awarded via Declare Round Victory for Runners (Should have known about this earlier lol). This is to prevent a bug that doesn't kill Seekers when Runners reaches the Finish Line. This happens sometimes, and this causes the Seekers to have to jump off the map in order for the Runners to earn points. With this fix, Runners not killing Seekers when they reach Finish Line is no longer a Known Issue.

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8 months ago 1.4.3

Seekers changes:

  • Damage taken for camping too long (Reaching 5s Camping Timer) reduced from 60 dmg per sec -> 40 dmg per sec.
  • Penalty (Unable to damage when burning) duration after Camping Timer starts to go down decreased from 5s -> 3s.

    With the removal of breaking View Angle to stop the Camping Timer, it made it difficult for Seekers to stop the timer. These changes should help them catch Runners easier, as well as not dying too fast.

General changes:

  • A warning will appear when 3 minutes remaining for the round, same time as when the control point opens.

  • At 3 minutes remaining, the Runners' Finishing Dome will start expanding, expanding from 20m to 35m over the course of 2 minutes.

    This should help with the remaining Runners get to the finish line at late game. Often being the last few Runners seems impossible to win.

  • Buffer distance between Runners' Finishing Dome and Seekers' Anti-Finish Line Camping area increased from 10m to 12m, it expands along with the expansion of the Finishing Dome, hence at 3 minutes remaining, the Anti-Finish Line Camping area will increase from 32m to 47m.

    This should minimise any ambushing grounds for Seekers when the Domes expand to maximum size.

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8 months ago 1.4.2

Reverted the entire game build to 1.3.0, and made the following changes:

  • If the Seeker is burning, the Seeker can no longer damage Runners if caught Runners moving.
  • Breaking view angle no longer stops the Camping Timer.
  • To stop the Camping Timer, Seeker must completely break Line of Sight, stay far away from Runners, or get any status effects (except Burning).
  • The radius of Finish Line in which the Runners need to step in to win has been increased from 5m to 20m.
  • The finish points for All Nepal maps, All Oasis maps, Illos Ruins and Ayutthaya have been adjusted slightly.
  • Max time per round increased from 480 seconds to 500 seconds.

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9 months ago 1.4.1

Removed the forced Throttle for Seekers. Will be reviewed again in the future.

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9 months ago 1.4.0

Version 1.4.0 attempts to deal with the problem of Seekers camping.

  • If the maximum Camping Timer reaches 5 seconds, Seekers will instantly take damage and be frozen on the spot for 6 seconds. Reaching 5 seconds for more than 5 times in a round will cause death.
  • Breaking view no longer stops the Camping Timer. To stop the Camping Timer, Seeker must completely break Line of Sight, stay far away from Runners, or get any status effects.
  • Seekers now have a forced Throttle, they will be moving forward continuously. Left and Right movements are still enabled, while Backwards movement is disabled.
  • The radius of Finish Line in which the Runners need to step in to win has been increased from 5m to 20m.
  • The Dome effects have been replaced by Skylight effects.
  • The finish points for Nepal Shrine, Nepal Village, Nepal Sanctum, Oasis City Centre, Oasis Gardens, Oasis University, Illos Ruins and Ayutthaya have been adjusted slightly.

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9 months ago 1.3.0

General Changes:

  • Looping emotes (Dance, Sit etc.) are forcefully stopped for Seekers.
  • Emoting no longer damages Seekers.
  • Seeker's camp timer starts going down after a short delay.
  • Increased the Anti-Finish Line Camping zone from 25m to 30m.

Hero Balance Changes (All Teams):

  • Dva > Boosters: 7s -> 8s CD
  • Hammond > Adaptive Shield: Leaves 1 HP to show remaining time
  • Mei > Wall: 15s -> 10s CD
  • Mercy > Guardian Angel: 7s -> 5s CD
  • Zarya > Shield: 6s -> 8s CD
  • Zenyatta > Destruction Orb: 5s -> 7s CD

Hero Balance Changes (Seekers):

  • Hammond > Adaptive Shield: 18s -> 15s CD
  • Roadhog > Take a Breather: 8s -> 10s CD
  • Soldier > 180% -> 150% walk speed
  • Tracer > Blink: 4s -> 6s CD

Hero Balance Changes (Runners):

  • Ashe > Dynamite: Instantly explodes on hitting the ground
  • Baptiste > Immortality Field: 40s -> 30s CD
  • Genji > Swift Strike: 8s -> 10s CD
  • Junkrat > Trap: Removed; Replaced by Concussion Mine: 6s CD
  • Mccree > Flashbang: 2s -> 2.5s stun
  • Mei > Cryofreeze: 20s -> 15s CD
  • Pharah > Concussion Blast: 9s -> 8s
  • Reaper > Death Blossom freeze per hit: 0.5s -> 2s, now gives +200% speed; Shadow Step: 6s -> 8s CD
  • Soldier > Tactical Visor stun per hit: 0.5s -> 2s, 30s -> 25s CD
  • Sombra > Stealth: 5s -> 6s Duration
  • Torbjorn > Forge Hammer: 8s -> 5s CD
  • Tracer > Blink: 6s -> 8s CD; Bomb: 200% Projectile Speed
  • Winston > Shield: 30s -> 20s CD, needs LoS to freeze Seekers
  • Zarya > Graviton Surge: 20s -> 15s CD

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9 months ago 1.2.0

Disabled showing of enemy Health Bars. Increased Seeker's DPS for catching runners moving from 600 dps -> 800 dps. Decrease rate for Camping timer for Seekers: 1.0 per second -> 0.5 per second. Zenyatta's (Runner) Discord Orb no longer hacks Seekers.

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9 months ago 1.1.0

Added 'X' icon on top of Seekers to let Runners know it's not safe to move. Added anti-camping at Finish Line for Seekers after 30s. Invalid Map ends in Draw when game starts. Seeker's Extra Camping time: 15s -> 10s Seeker's Movement Speed: 150% -> 180% Seeker's Jump and Gravity: 100% -> 120% Removed Sombra from Seeker's Team. Round ends in Draw after 8 mins.

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9 months ago 1.0.0

This revision contains no notes

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