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Big Bad Boss Series: Reinhardt (PvE)

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Big Boss: Reinhardt

Phase 1: Purification (Technical) Until boss reaches 10000 HP.

Phase 2: Bridge of Doom (Burst) Until boss reaches 0 HP.

Normal Mode: SV8FSQ

Heroic Mode: H183T

Mythic Mode: SW5FF

Note: Hi guys! I tried to make this boss fight challenging. Normal mode is just to get people used to the mechanics. If you want real challenge go for Heroic or even the Mythic difficulty!! (I could not test Mythic alone, could be some bugs there)

>>>I ask everyone, who can play with friends in group of 6, and likes the good ol' dungeon feeling of MMORPGS, please enjoy! If you make a video of it for youtube or streaming it, please write to me at and I will check it out. I tested this mode with 2 groups so far, both had a blast after understanding the mechanics. Thank you. LazaC

Raid Slots:

Slot 0 - Tank

Slot 1 - Tank

Slot 2 - DPS

Slot 3 - DPS

Slot 4 - Healer

Slot 5 - Healer

(You can deter from this, this is just a suggestion)

Normal Mode:

>Boss HP: 25000

>Damage: 300%

>Combat Ultimate Charge Generation: 50%

>Passive Ultimate Charge Generation: 300%

>Projectile Speed: 60%

>Firestrike: No Cooldown (0%)

Normal Mode Abilities:

>Autoattack Fire Strike

>Vampire Strike

Whenever the boss deals damage to a player he gets a Blood Counter (BC). Every 10 second, the boss heals himself for BC x 100. BCs are reset to 0 after the effect occurs. The ability has a green visual on the boss when activated. (even if the BC was 0)

>Disorientation Curse

Every 20 seconds the boss targets 1 random Living player and disorients him, making his aim speed much higher than usual. The effect last for 5 seconds, then the aim speed sets back to normal, and the 20 second cooldown starts again. This effect has a visual on the player (burning) and also plays an audio for the player for the duration.

The cooldown has a HUD in the right upper corner of the screen for every player.

>Hammer Down

When the Boss reaches 100% ultimate charge it will perform the ultimate move, shattering the ground, damaging and knocking down every player in its path. Ultimate charge generation passively happens during the fight, but keep in mind, that every successful Firestrike lands on a team member will result giving ultimate charge to the boss. On the right hand side of the screen, just below the Disorientation Curse cooldown counter, you can check the current Ultimate charge of the boss.

Purification (PHASE 1 ONLY!!!)

Purification is a technical mechanic which needs some coordination with the team.

Under the boss' feat there is a clock counter says: Purification

This clock signals the happening of the next purification.

The map is divided into 2 separate parts, where the boss is in the middle. The 2 platforms have 3 players each.

Platform 1 has: Players in Slot 1, 3, 5 (odd)

Platform 2 has: Players in Slot 0, 2, 4 (even)

During Purification one of the Platforms will be filled with Purifying Globes (white orbs) which players have to avoid by escaping through the building and going around an opened up path, back to the platform where they started before time runs out.

Purifying Globes will stack a 50 d/s DoT on the player that touches them. This DoT cannot be removed by the players with normal abilites, the only way to remove it is by going through the Green Orb (which is placed outside of the back of the building that you have to go through) otherwise you have to heal them out. Keep in mind that the effect stacks, try to avoid getting to many.

When the clock reaches 0 SEC the first Purification starts, covering Platform 1 with Purifying Globes. At that moment, the Red (Killer) Globe will open up inside the building, allowing passage for 5 seconds. Players have to go through the building, up the stairs and going back to the boss through the opened up place (red globes will be removed for this time). On the left upper corner of the screen players can see a Purification Counter which indicates when the Purifying Globes will disappear, so players can time their movement accordingly, going back to their platforms.

After the Purification Counter reaches 0, players have only 3 seconds to get back to their platform before the Red (Killer) Globes appear again.

By the time the first 3 players arrives back to their Platform, the Purification Clock will be already in motion. This time Platform 2 has to perform the same.

>Bridge of Doom (PHASE 2)

The boss will be teleporting nearer and nearer in every 10 seconds to the players.

Heroic Mode: (H183T)

>Boss HP: 25000

>Damage Received: 85%

>Damage: 350%

>Combat Ultimate Charge Generation: 50%

>Passive Ultimate Charge Generation: 400%

>Projectile Speed: 80%

>Firestrike: No Cooldown (0%)

Heroic Ability modifications:

>Vampire Strike: BC x 150 HP heal.

>Disorientation Curse: 2 random player targeted.

>Purification: Purifying Globe DoT is 70 d/s.

Mythic Mode: (SW5FF)

>Boss HP: 25000

>Damage Received: 75%

>Damage: 400%

>Combat Ultimate Charge Generation: 100%

>Passive Ultimate Charge Generation: 500%

>Projectile Speed: 100%

>Firestrike: No Cooldown (0%)

Mythic Ability modification:

>Vampire Strike: BC x 200 HP heal.

>Disorientation Curse: 3 random players targeted. Cooldown only 15 seconds.

>Purification: Purifying Globe Dot is 100 d/s.

>Bridge of Doom: Teleporting nearer every 8 seconds.


>Bridesmaid (PHASE 2 ONLY!!)

An Add (Mercy) spawns behind the Boss and heals him continuously over time.

The Add can only heal (50 h/s) and is not required to kill to finish the boss. You can decide on killing it first then killing the boss OR just ignore it and burst through its healing.