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Hamster Whack-A-Hero

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Custom game mode




about 1 month ago

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about 1 month ago

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Queue friendly game mode!

Players will play as Wrecking Ball. The objective is to piledrive dummy heroes that are scattered across the map to score points. Best score wins! Watch out, as the heroes teleport and change every 12 seconds. Due to the dummy bots being treated as players in the lobby count, and scripting the point distribution, there are only 6 dummy bots available in the game.

The game is set to automatically reset and rerun once a player scores 15 points, or the game time elapses. Just start the match to being running rounds! Up to 4 players can play.

More maps will be made in future!

Version 1.0 - public release.


about 1 month ago 1.1.0

Hanamura Winter has been removed from the map pool, as the snow and lighting make it difficult to make out the difference in the sparkle colours. Now available to play if you are in a queue!

Your current score position now changes depending on how many points you have in relation to other players. Hopefully I can have this reflect in the leaderboard itself soon.

I've also added a max respawn time of 3 seconds, so that you don't wait too long after dying for whatever reason.

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about 1 month ago 1.0.0

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