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Sigma Parkour Creation kit!

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17 days ago

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sigma parkour

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Parkour codes discord contains a huge list of parkour modes type this into the URL Bar:

Made By ReZero {alt - DoomfisŦǃ} We've all seen the doom parkour, its everywhere. I played a parkour map by Cenlus and was inspired by some of the things he did, so I decided to make a parkour map entirely centered around sigma. Use unique abilities and try to traverse the map landing in checkpoints. The creation kit works the same way doom parkour works.

Abilities: Shield launches you in the angle its facing, once you go through it

Vortex makes you Float while keeping your current momentum

Rock will launch you in the opposite direction that you are facing

In the workshop editor, it has an explanation for everything you need to know, how to create checkpoints and edit them, be it size, the view angle, or the abilities you are allowed to use whilst at that checkpoint.

There is also a stage initiator for control maps so you can use all 3 points, just get the coordinates for each point and begin from there.

A lot of the rules to do with the creation have notes in them so you can easily understand what's going on and how to do things like putting in a world record and the stage initiator for control maps.

Here is a video of me speed running a map I've already made on Gibraltar. Code: 5K57K Sigma parkour - Gibraltar Here is a video of a multi level parkour trailer for a map i made, video by Tygo Code: G5D8C Sigma Parkour Multi Level

HOW TO CREATE A MAP: it works the same way Blackbird's Doom parkour creator works, here is his guide: Creation kid guide


1 hours ago 2.0.7

Editing abilities for a checkpoint actually works now, when you edit a checkpoint abilities it will apply straight away, and in the globals from the inspector so you no longer need to remember which checkpoints had what abilities, cutting down creation time.

Added the Parkour-codes Discord invite. If you make a map, please consider joining the discord, we already have a huge list of Parkour game modes, not just sigma parkour

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3 days ago 2.0.3

Text guide on the abilities is now toggled so it's less intrusive

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3 days ago 2.0.3

further optimizations to the shield mechanic, and a debug mode that shows the effect of the shield launcher for players to understand how it works

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7 days ago 2.0.3

also changed the flag color to green for increased visibility

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9 days ago 2.0.2

Added a link to a guide on how to use the creation kit Changed ring aura's and cloud color to green as dark maps would sometimes hide them in certain locations

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12 days ago 2.0.1

Added a link to a guide on how to use the creation kit

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17 days ago 2.0.0

This revision contains no notes

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