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11 days ago

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3 hours ago

pve coop co-op

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1 - 4 Players face off against 6 bots in this co-op PvE gamemode. Achieve the objectives to win. Depending on the bot's hero, they behave differently and possess different abilities. The enemies deal little damage, but the players' healing is also severely nerfed. Instead you regenerate all your health by avoiding damage for 2.5 seconds. Loosely inspired by the PAYDAY Series. This is a work in progress.

Enemies notes:

  • Baptiste: Instantly resurrects any ally that dies near him with a short cooldown.
  • Sombra: Can tase the player, causing them to lose the ability to move and use any abilities. In addition the player's aim is thrown off and they fire their weapon uncontrollably. Sombra will stand still and flash brightly while tasing and any damage to her will stop the effect.
  • Tracer: When Tracer's health is low, she will drop a Pulse Bomb and use Recall, which will place her behind her current target.

The other enemies are very close to vanilla Overwatch.

After the first objective is activated, enemies will begin to attack the players. They attack in waves lasting 4 minutes, interrupted by short breaks during which no enemies can spawn. The waves increase in intensity the longer they have lasted. Also the difficulty is increased between each wave. Stay together to avoid being overrun!


3 hours ago 0.3.0

Added another objective.

Ana and Roadhog are now playable.

Torbjörn can now use his turret. It will self-destruct if he is downed or tased.

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10 hours ago 0.2.7

Fixed some minor bugs with the hostage rescue objective.

Renamed gamemode to 'Heat Street'.

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11 hours ago 0.2.6

Enemies are less likely to follow a flying enemy off a cliff.

Enemies now prefer to target players on the ground.

Removed Pharah's health increase.

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1 day ago 0.2.5

This revision contains no notes

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2 days ago 0.2.4

Added another objective.

Reworked objectives.

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6 days ago 0.2.3

Added a third objective.

Mercy is now playable.

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7 days ago 0.2.2

Zarya is now playable.

Map changed to Blizzard World.

Added Tracer bot.

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8 days ago 0.2.1

Lucio is now playable.

Player damage now scales with player count.

Fixed some bugs with Sombra's hack ability.

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9 days ago 0.2.0

Added McCree, Widowmaker and Orisa Bots.

Enemies now choose a random hero out of their same tier when they respawn.

Tier 1: Brigitte, McCree, Soldier Tier 2: Baptiste, Sombra, Widowmaker Tier 3: Roadhog, Orisa

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9 days ago 0.2.0

Base mode changed to Team Deathmatch.

Enemy respawn time now scales with player count.

Reaper's wraith form now stops healing.

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10 days ago 0.1.1

Enemy damage now scales with the amount of players. Added a second objective.

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11 days ago 0.1.0

This revision contains no notes

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11 days ago 0.1.0

This revision contains no notes

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11 days ago 0.1.0

This revision contains no notes

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