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Titanfall Beta

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Custom game mode




about 1 year ago

Last updated:
about 1 year ago

titanfall titan pilot beta wall ride slide double jump

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Yes I know about a existing titanfall gamemode But I felt it was not really a titanfall so I tried to do it my way.

The gamemode is in working condition but NOT balanced. PLEASE, I NEED FEEDBACK !

Simple Titanfall, with ... real titan falls.


You spawn as Lucio, fight others pilots using wallride, double jumps, slide-crouchs. On your way to generate ultimate, don't forget to press your interact key to select you titan !

your selected titan

Pilot, your titan is ready !

It's time to ult ! get ready for titanfall !

land on others for insta-kill


As as titan :

  • you have around 1500hp depending on titan
  • you can't jump but you can dash in any direction using the jump key !
  • Press interact to get out but lose your titan

As an titan don't forget if you explode you die ! So I made a hud warning when you core is too damaged but it's not too late, you can emergency eject by pressing 3x Interact !

List of titans

I tried to do different kind of titan (Anti-Titan/Normal/Zoning/Anti-Pilot)

Reinhardt, Anti-titan

  • NO Shield
  • Dash changed to "wraith form" with speed (10s CD)
  • firestrike slows titans

D.VA, Basic titan

  • Can't use ult while moving
  • Ulting ejects the pilot (nuclear explosion !)

Roadhog, Zoning titan

  • You can place a fire cannister with right click (No damage)
  • No hook, but hook key to explode the cannister and burn people in it (10sec cd)

Orisa, Anti-pilot

  • Halt replaces by an 360° scan of pilots (tagged for 3sec) (10sec cd)
  • Shield CD to maximum
  • lower HP for balance

I really hope you can test and get me some feedback (Please !)

Thank you !