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👀 Staring Contest

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about 1 year ago

Last updated:
10 months ago

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Please go to for the information about Staring Contest. All future updates will be released on


10 months ago 1.4.4

Small update for this one.

  • Added night version of Workshop Island and Workshop Expanse.
  • Time to kill for not staring increased from 2s to 3s.
    Comments: With the recent changes to how the stare detection works (v1.4.0), and the ability to jump and crouch (v1.3.0), the difficulty of the game has gone up. Increasing the time to kill gives you more time to recover from not staring, and also makes the game a bit longer.

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about 1 year ago 1.4.3

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the Team 1 player can face the opposite direction when spawning into position.

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about 1 year ago 1.4.2

  • Updated the information/description for the Workshop.

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about 1 year ago 1.4.1

  • Disabled Echo's Glide ability in the Hero settings rather than through Workshop.

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about 1 year ago 1.4.0

Improvements to Stare Detection

  • There is an overhaul to the Stare Detection.

Old System:

  • The Stare Detection is simply to check if you are within view angle of the Eye Position of the enemy player.
  • This creates an inconsistent eligible field of view if you are close to the enemy player.
  • There is also a problem where if you are point blank to the enemy, it detects as "not eligible" and you start taking damage.
  • Crouching makes no difference at all.
  • Due to how the Eye Position is detected, some heroes are causing detection problem. Players can take damage even at starting view position.

New System:

  • The new Stare Detection solves those problems.
  • The view is eligible if your crosshair is within the limited distance from the eye position of the player.
  • Your eligible view is still more consistent.
  • You will not take damage at point blank range.
  • Crouching actually makes a difference between winning and losing now.
  • Deals with the heroes with problematic detection problem, as a result, new heroes are added.

New Playable heroes

  • Echo
  • Genji
  • Moira
  • Sigma
  • Zarya
  • Roadhog (Has 198 HP but still same time to die as others)

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about 1 year ago 1.3.1

  • Rectify the description to say "green circle" instead of "yellow circle".
  • Replaced workshop creator (me) to be DragonEngineer, which is my general gaming name, instead of the one (DragonKnight).

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about 1 year ago 1.3.0

General Updates

  • A fancy new Introduction to the game at Round 1.
  • You can now crouch and jump.

    Previously Staring Contest didn't allow crouching and jumping, this made the aiming one-dimensional. Adding crouching and jumping to the game makes the aiming two-dimensional, and hence more fun and challenging! Heroes that have passives tied to Jump and Crouch keys, like Mercy, Baptiste, and Hanzo, has received relevant treatment so their passives cannot trigger.

  • Some technical changes to the codes.
  • Fix a bunch of infinite loops.
  • Disabled inspector recording for more optimised performance.

New Maps

  • Temple of Anubis
  • Volskaya Industries

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about 1 year ago 1.2.2

General Updates

  • Code changes to include the new Workshop feature, such as if-else.

New Maps

  • Workshop Chamber
  • Workshop Island
  • Workshop Expanse

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about 1 year ago 1.2.1

General Updates

New map detector

New Maps

King's Row
King's Row (Winter)
Horizon Lunar Colony

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about 1 year ago 1.2.0

General Updates

  • Player takes damage more quickly when they move out of the arena.
  • Arena ring colour changed from yellow to green.
  • Map detection tech changes.

New Maps

  • Ecopoint: Antarctica (Winter)
  • Black Forest (Winter)
  • Chateau Guillard (Halloween)
  • Eichenwalde (Halloween)
  • Blizzard World (Winter)
  • Hanamura (Normal and Winter)
  • Hollywood (Normal and Halloween)

Map Updates

  • 1 arena moved to new location in Blizzard World
  • 1 arena moved to new location in Eichenwalde
  • 1 arena slightly adjusted in Ecopoint: Antarctica

New Playable Heroes

  • Doomfist
  • Zenyatta

Removed Heroes

  • Genji
  • Moira
  • Lucio
    They are removed due to eye position detection issue.

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about 1 year ago 1.1.3

  • Countdown (3... 2... 1...) will now appear as small message.

    Previously when the countdown happens (3... 2... 1... GO!!!), they are shown as Big Message, the number after it will replace the previous number. But now, the Big Message will stay for a much longer time, before showing the next number, thereby desynchronising the countdown timer and sound effect. This mess up is Blizzard's end and I have no way to fix it. To work around this, I made the numbers section of the Countdown as Small Message, while the Round number and 'GO!!!' will still appear as big message

  • Time between showing Round number and starting of countdown increased from 2s to 3s

    This is so that right before 'GO!!!' appears, the "Hold F1 to view hero details" will disappear.

  • Reduced Assemble Heroes phase from 8s to 3s

    This should have faster games. Since each round can be pretty short, thereby you should now spend less time waiting and selection heroes than playing the game.

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about 1 year ago 1.1.2

  • Added Dorado and Blizzard World to the playable map pool
  • Updated workshop description to include my Workshop Discord

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about 1 year ago 1.1.1

  • Fixed a bug that players can earn points while waiting for player (Lobby only has 1 player)
  • Fixed a bug that cause players to earn points even though the round ended in Draw

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about 1 year ago 1.1.0

  • Converted the gamemode to Team Deathmatch, so no more those long starting introductions.
  • Added heroes: Genji, Lucio, Mei, Reaper, with their health and movement speed scaled accordingly
  • Added maps: Paris, Eichenwalde, Petra, Chateau Guillard
  • Removed maps: Ayutthaya (Not available in TDM)
  • Removed heroes: Zenyatta (Due to weird head hitbot)
  • Some technical changes to incorporate TDM mode
  • Players now spawn closer to each other
  • Removed the 1 minute timer
  • Increased points to win from 5 points to 10 points
  • Increased tickrate for taking damage when not staring

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about 1 year ago 1.0.0

This revision contains no notes

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