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Humans vs Omnics - MvM Upgrade Style PvE Survival

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A game where humans get money via damage, healing, and kills. Money can be used to purchase upgrades to several different attributes of your character. The omnics (AI) will get progressively harder throughout the game and eventually unlock new abilities. Humans only get one life, but can buy resurrections to respawn throughout the game. 'Team Resurrect' will revive all dead human players. Survive long enough and capture the control point to win.

Strategically build your character to make it through the later, more difficult waves. Best played with 4 players on the human side (Team 1), and 6 Hard Zenyatta bots on the omnic side (Team 2).

Menu Controls: Interact - Enable/Disable buying. Left/Right Click - Scroll through options. Spacebar - Purchase current selected upgrade.

Note: In order to purchase an upgrade, you must have the menu enabled! Make sure the text in the top right of your screen is set to "TRUE" if you are trying to purchase upgrades. The number to the right of this is your current selected option, which corresponds to the numbers listed in the available upgrades.

I had to get creative with the names of the upgrades, as Overwatch doesn't allow you to type out custom strings. So here are the translations:
1 - 'Attack', Attack Damage
2 - 'Survive', Total Player Health
3 - 'Rescuing', Healing
4 - 'Faster', Movement Speed (This is the best I could find for this, I swear.)
5 - 'Burning Attack', Fire Bullets (Enemies set on fire when you shoot them.)
6 - 'Freezing Attack', Freezing Bullets (Enemies get frozen when you shoot them, restricting movement.)
7 - 'Resurrect', Resurrect (Explains itself, Whenever you die, you come back.)
8 - 'Attack Distance', Projectile Speed
9 - 'Dome attack', Constant AoE damage to all enemies within a certain radius around you.
10 - 'Time Rescue', Constant healing over time to yourself.
11 - 'Team Resurrect', Resurrects all dead allies.


10 months ago 1.0.0

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