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🎯 Marksman

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7 months ago

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3 days ago

widowmaker mccree ashe ana baptiste

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🎯 Marksman

A 12 players FFA game with only Mccree, Widowmaker, Ana, Baptiste, and Ashe.
Except, if you miss, you die!


Round 1: Mccree - No Fan the hammer.
Round 2: Ana - Scoped Shots only, no Biotic Grenade.
Round 3: Ashe - Scoped Shots only, no Dynamite.
Round 4: Widowmaker - Scoped Shots only, no Venom Mines.
Round 5: Baptiste - No immortality Field and Regenerative Burst.


Hit with Primary Fire: +1 Point
Headshot with Primary Fire: +3 Points No penalty for missing shots, other than dying


1.2.0 and above

1.1.0 and below


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You may host this game with friends or public, but please do not change the "Created by" name. Thanks.


3 days ago 1.2.1

Re-order of the rounds

  • Round 1 is now Mccree: With flashbang available, players can stun their targets to make aiming easier. There is a lack of vertical movement, making matchup more 1 dimensional.
  • Round 2 is now Ana: There is no reliable stuns available unless one can land their sleep darts, there is also scope that lowers field of view. There is a lack of vertical movement, making matchup more 1 dimensional.
  • Round 3 is still Ashe. Larger Field of View Scope but has coach gun for vertical movement, making matchup somewhat 2 dimensional.
  • Round 4 is now Widowmaker. Smaller Field of View Scope makes aiming more demanding, and more difficult to keep track of the surrounding. Has Grappling Hook for a more 2 dimensional matchup.
  • Round 5 is now Baptiste. Players will need to be able to control their recoil, constantly has Exo Boots so the matchup is always 2 dimensional.

General changes

  • A sound effect is played for landing a headshot.
  • Allows queuing players to join this game.

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about 1 month ago 1.2.0

Overhaul to the gamemode

  • Total 5 rounds: Ana -> Mccree -> Ashe -> Baptiste -> Widowmaker
  • Each round lasts for 90 seconds
  • All players will play the same hero (Like mirrored deathmatch)
  • At the end of each round, change to a new hero.
  • Disabled quick melee.

Changes to scoring

  • No longer earns points for getting final blow
  • Hit with primary fire: +1 Point
  • Headshot with primary fire: +3 Points

Hero changes

  • Ana: Disabled Biotic Grenade
  • Ashe: Disabled Dynamite
  • Baptiste: Disabled Regenerative Burst
  • Widowmaker: Disabled Venom Mine

I did the overhaul for a few reasons

  • Provide a fair playing ground for all players, so that a player's win can't be purely decided by whichever hero is the best objectively.
  • Having all players playing the same hero means I don't have to worry about hero balance, since everyone will be playing the same hero, adding flexibility to adding heroes for the future.
  • Forces players to play all the heroes with different aim requirements. To claim the #1 spot for Marksman, you need to be good at all of them, Difficulty increases each round.

    Ana: Aim with slight aim assist, don't really need to worry about headshots.
    Mccree: Standard burst/flick shot, stun available for easier aiming.
    Ashe: Scoped burst/flick shot, but no stuns available to use.
    Baptiste: Three rounds burst with recoils.
    Widowmaker: Scoped burst/flick shot with a small view angle when scoped.

  • You are now also rewarded for headshots.

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4 months ago 1.1.0


  • Baptiste (No immortality field)
  • Seasonal maps

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5 months ago 1.0.0

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