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[HERO]WATCH Automated Game/Scrim Lobby

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about 1 month ago

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[HERO]Watch Automated Game/Scrim Lobby: 48QCT Updated May 2020.

• Easily customizable for your own Organisation/League.

Designed to make your game lobby run as fast flowing and smooth as possible.

Non-Stop Games Modes. 6v6 Environment.

Captains Controls... • Ready Up to start match. • Add Time to setup phase. • Make Substitutions All directly from Spawn.

In-Game Player Stats HUD Neat and simple design displaying; • Damage (Dealt/Received) • Healing (Dealt/Received) • Eliminations • Deaths and 'First Deaths' • Ults Used • Team mates with 'Ults soon online' Visible to players and spectators.

In World Branding • Your Org Name • Team Names (vs) Create more professional looking streams for Hosts/Casters.

Defence Quick SetUp • Teleport directly from Spawn • Prepare your defence much quicker

Multiple Maps and Modes (Customizable)

ASSAULT (2-2-2 Role Lock)

Hanamura Horizon Lunar Colony Paris Temple of Anubis Volskaya Industries

CAPTURE THE FLAG (2-2-2 Role Lock)

Ayutthaya First to 5 Captures.

CONTROL (Open Roles - No Role Lock)

Busan Ilios Lijiang Tower Nepal Oasis

ESCORT (2-2-2 Role Lock)

Dorado Havana Junkertown Rialto Route 66 Watchpoint: Gibraltar

HYBRID (2-2-2 Role Lock)

Blizzard World Eichenwalde Hollywood Kings Row Numbani

TEAM DEATHMATCH (Open Roles - No Role Lock)

Black Forest Castillo Château Guillard Ecopoint: Antarctica Necropolis Petra First to 20 elims.


  • Add Role Lock to Control/TDM Maps.
  • Remove undesired Modes / Maps.
  • Add Cinematic Mode (slow mo ults).