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Cube of Death

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Custom game mode




8 months ago

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8 months ago

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Poor Tracer. Recall won't get you out of this mess.


If you would like to have 6 players on this gamemode, you will need to disable Champion Heroes. This can be done in the first line of code by setting NV_CHAMPION_HEROES to False.

What is this?

In this top-down gamemode, your objective is to survive a wave of enemy attacks within a restricted area. For 90 seconds, random bots will appear and use custom attack patterns, usually derived from large area ultimates such as Reaper's Death Blossom, or Reinhardt's Earthshatter.

How to play?

Simply launch the game and select the hero you'd like to play as. No need to insert any AI bots, as the gamemode will use dummy bots instead. If you'd like to change the way the game works, you can try playing with the game variables at the beginning of the code:


Determines how many enemy bots will spawn and be able to attack simultaneously.


A value greater than 1 means bots will take longer to spawn, making for a more relaxed version of the mode. A value lower than 1 will give you a harder time. Note that values below 1 can cause glitches such as abilities disappearing too early.


Disables heroes with projectiles that are hard to see (namely Bastion and Wrecking Ball). You can also disable any bot you like in the "Init Heroes" code line.


Allows an enemy to become a Champion Hero, with more advanced attack patterns. If disabled, the number of max players may be set to 6.

What does the game offer?

The game currently includes 6 playable characters (Tracer, Zarya, Baptiste, Lucio, McCree, Mercy), as well as 20 bots and a whole bunch of custom attack patterns.

Any plans for the future?

Balancing the game and adding more heroes (Widowmaker, Roadhog and Ana are in mind right now).

I found a bug / I have a suggestion / Your game sucks!

You can add me on Discord (tyzone#2496) or ping me on the Elo Hell Workshop server to let me know of any feedback! :)


8 months ago 1.1.0

  • Added Champion enemies! After some time, enemies will have a low chance of spawning as Echo and turn into a Champion Enemy, with new attack patterns that are more difficult to avoid and more deadly. There are currently 9 Champion enemies in the game.

  • Added two new heroes: McCree and Mercy. McCree's Combat Roll gives him a short speed boost, while Mercy is able to heal, Guardian Angel, and resurrect dead players once per round.

  • Zarya now looks towards the closest living player, and can now use her Projected Barrier on them.

  • Added attack patterns for Ashe and Brigitte.

  • The game now allows 5 players maximum. You can set it to 6 after disabling SV_CHAMPION_HEROES.

  • SV_NO_TINY_PROJECTILES is now False by default. As a result, Wrecking Ball and Bastion enemies are now allowed by default.

  • Some heroes now have a ring notification when they spawn, in order to reduce the chance of dying to an unnoticed enemy.

  • Buffed Junkrat.

  • Nerfed Torbjörn, Wrecking Ball, Symmetra, Winston, Reaper and Genji.

  • Fixed a rare problem where matches could go on indefinitely.

  • Fixed a glitch where the game would only spawn 5 enemies instead of 6.

  • Fixed players sometimes taking damage over time despite not being outside of the playing area.

  • Removed Bastion's Tank attack.

  • Removed Torbjörn's Circle Molten Core attack.

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8 months ago 1.0.1

Fixed bots being unable to win if someone joins mid-round. Fixed bots following dead players, or people who haven't spawned. Fixed player icon not always appearing.

Chaos Mode is now the default mode.

Added visual cues for Sombra's EMP radius. Disabled Bastion and Wrecking Ball for having projectiles that are too hard to see. You can still enable them by disabling SV_NO_TINY_PROJECTILES. Tracking attacks (Doomfist's Rocket Punch, Symmetra, Winston) no longer track recalling tracers. D.Va's visual ult cue now tracks the self-destructing mech, and not the baby D.Va.

Buffed: Junkrat (faster RIP-Tire), D.Va (more damage). Nerfed: Reaper (less damage), Genji (less damage), Sombra (more reaction time), Symmetra (slower projectiles).

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8 months ago 1.0.0

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