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Ana Endless Paintball (Toothpaste mod)

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23 days ago

Last updated:
17 days ago

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FFA, hop and play

Ana Paintball with modifications:
  • Hardscope limited to one bullet and 1.5s aiming time
  • Nano boost killstreak. Makes you survive one extra hit
  • Jump pads around the map to give lowground options
  • Teleport portal to balance out bad spawn location
  • Matches are endless, have no time limit
  • Performance based score, because the game is endless
  • Stats UI under score
  • Paint splatter effects on kill
  • Killstreak notifications
  • Highest lobby killstreak under killfeed
  • Automatically destroying railings with invisible Hammond AI at the start of the game

Ana Image


17 days ago 2.1.0

  • Re-wrote the rendering framework for world-objects
  • Fixed a bunch of visual stuff
  • More efficient back-end
  • Nano boost's effect now lasts 0.8 seconds longer to make up for the staggering sound and effects from nano and over-time damage effect to better suit the visuals
  • Re-wrote the No-Hardscope system to support toggle-aim players
    1. The new system gives hints to the user what's allowed and what isn't while preventing hardscoping. a. When the user zooms in for longer than 1.5s, a small on-screen message alerts the user about the limited scope time. b. When the user attempts to shoot more than one round while scoped, a small on-screen message alerts the user about the one scope shot rule and prevents the shooting
    2. With this system the user will quickly and clearly understand and learn the rules of "no hardscope" without automating the process or punishing the player.
    3. This system also supports toggle-aim users by not interfering with their ability to aim down sights

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20 days ago 1.4.1

Added version control. Added host message requesting nicely to check for new codes at the start of the game. Fixed an issue when you have high ping and toggle-zoom enabled with the scope timer

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22 days ago 1.3.2

Removed some high-ground jump pads to reduce interference with gameplay. Added an extra portal entrance for lowground spawns. Balancing reasons

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22 days ago 1.2.2

Disabled a setting that was still on from testing

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22 days ago 1.0.0

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23 days ago 1.0.0

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