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Stadt Der Toten - Call of Duty Zombies

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4 months ago

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zombies call of duty cod

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Call of Duty Zombies Mechanics


Keyboard and Mouse:

  • Switch Hero: Tap (Interact) (F by Default)
  • Buy Item: Hold (Interact) (F by Default)


  • Reload: Tap (Reload) (Square/X by Default)
  • Buy Item: Hold (Reload) (Square/X by Default)
  • Switch Hero: Tap (Ultimate) (Triangle/Y by Default)
  • Use Ultimate: Hold (Ultimate) (Triangle/Y by Default)


In Overwatch, if you press the pause button, the game itself does not pause. In Zombies (Only in Solo Mode) if you pause the game, the game will pause and you can take a minute to breathe. To achieve this, I have added a pausing option in the map. Go to the Pub and hold the Buy Item button to teleport to the other side of the bar. You and all of the zombies currently in the map will be frozen and spawning will be paused. To exit this, hold the Buy Item button again. This can be done once per round. Be aware, staying still for too long could potentially cause problems with the game thinking you are AFK. But it will give you enough time to grab a drink or go to the toilet, etc. This feature is only available in solo mode. If a second player joins the game while it is paused, the game will unpause.


  • Any damage that does NOT kill (regardless of if it's a headshot or not) gives 10 points.
  • Any body shot or explosive that kills gives 60 points.
  • A headshot that kills gives you 100 points.
  • A melee that kills gives you 130 points.
  • Going down takes away 240 points.
  • Reviving a teammate gives you 240 points (provided that the player in question lost 240 points when they went down).
  • Reviving multiple teammates at once will not give you more than 240 points.
  • If you die with less than 1500 points, your points will be set to 1500 when you respawn to help you buy a hero (when you respawn, you get reset back to McCree).
  • If you die with more than 1500 points, your points will be left the same.
  • Tip: Due to how the point system works, heroes with weapons that put out constant streams of low amounts of damage are very good at building points.

Spending Points

Points can be spent by holding the Buy Item button. Buyable items include but are not limited to:

  • Doors
  • Wall Heroes
  • Mystery Box Heroes
  • Perks
  • Pack-A-Punch


Power must be turned on in order to purchase perks. Power is also needed for some easter egg steps and the Pack-A-Punch Teleporter. Note: the power switch can not be turned on until the door leading to it has been opened. This is to prevent the abuse of wall climbing abilities by climbing over the wall to the right of the door.


Doors can be purchased by holding the Buy Item button. If you try to get around a door without paying (such as by dashing through it or jumping over it) you will be charged for the door (provided you have enough points) and it will be opened.


  • On solo, if you go to 0 health, you die and the game ends, unless you have the Quick Revive perk, in which case you will lose all of your perks and be revived 5 seconds later, with 3 seconds of immunity to gain distance between yourself and the zombies.
  • On co-op, if you get down to 1 health, you will be knocked down and the zombies will ignore you.
  • Once knocked down, the player will have 20 seconds to be revived.
  • If not revived in time, the player dies and will respawn next round.
  • Health Regeneration is not active while the player is down. It will continue after you are revived.
  • To revive a player, hold the Buy Item button while in close proximity to a downed player.
  • You can revive multiple teammates at once, provided they are all within range.
  • You can shoot and perform all other actions while reviving but if you move out of range, switch hero or let go of the revive button, the revive will be cancelled.
  • Players can still die while being revived if you get to them too late.
  • Reviving takes 3 seconds without Quick Revive or 1.5 seconds with it.
  • If all players are knocked down or dead, the game ends.

Mystery Box

  • The Mystery Box costs 950 points to use.
  • The box is shown as 5 blue spheres in a line.
  • The box will only function in one location at a time.
  • The current Mystery Box location is denoted by a beam of blue light coming from the centre of the box.
  • Once purchased, the box will spin through icons of all available heroes in the map before settling on one hero.
  • You can then either swap your current hero for the Mystery Box hero or wait for the icon to disappear, at which point you can buy another random hero.
  • Points are NOT refunded by refusing to take the hero you are given.
  • Players can NOT take heroes bought by another player.
  • After using the box in one place a certain number of times, the icon returned after purchasing will be a stop sign. This means the box is moving. Your 950 points spent on this ARE refunded and the box will move to a new location.
  • It will not choose the same location twice in a row.

Hero Switching

  • At the start of the game, all players will be forced onto McCree.
  • Points can be spent, either at Wall Buys or using the Mystery Box, on additional heroes.
  • You can hold up to 2 heroes at once.
  • The first hero you buy in the game will be set to your 2nd hero slot (McCree is the 1st).
  • Any heroes bought after this will replace whichever hero you have equipped when you buy them.
  • Switch between your heroes by tapping the Interact Button (On PC) or the Ultimate Button (On Console). To use your Ultimate on Console, hold the Ultimate Button.
  • When you switch heroes, your health will not change. Eg if you are on 100 health when you switch, you'll still be on 100 health with your other hero.
  • Due to limitations of the workshop, when you switch heroes, your ammo and cooldowns are all reset. Because of this, I've only included cooldowns that I could justify giving a short cooldown, so as to prevent abuse of powerful abilities by switching heroes to reset the cooldown. If the game is updated to be able to change this, I will.

Health Regeneration

  • 3s after taking any damage, your health will start to regenerate.
  • For this reason, all healing abilities have been either removed or reduced to 0.
  • Switching heroes will not interrupt your health regeneration.
  • Switching to or from a hero with armour may slightly heal you (for around 3hp) due to the way armour works in the game.

Spawning Fail Safes

  • In order to prevent the possibility of being stuck on a round with a zombie that is nowhere to be found, zombies will die if they do not have line of sight to a survivor for 15 seconds.
  • In order to prevent the abuse of high ground, zombies will jump up to you.
  • When standing behind a low ledge, blocking the zombies’ path to you, they will jump up onto it after being still for a short time.

Hero Specific Notes

  • Some heroes will feel very overpowered on lower rounds. This is because in order for any heroes to be usable on high rounds, they need to be very strong on lower rounds.
  • Certain heroes have unique abilities, which help to add to the flavour of the gamemode.
  • For example, Genji and Hanzo can wall climb to some areas without having to pay for the doors.
  • Another example is Mei or Winston (Mei’s secondary fire is disabled and her damage has been amplified so she is used as a beam weapon, similar to Symmetra and Zarya). Both of these heroes have very strong cleave damage (can damage multiple enemies at once) which naturally is very strong in this gamemode. To balance this, both heroes have very limited range, meaning that to take advantage of their high damage, you have to put yourself in a risky position.
  • The intention is to have lots of heroes with unique and interesting interactions, so you don’t just end up playing the same 2 heroes each game. Soldier might be very strong for running around and “training” the zombies, whereas another hero might be better suited to a camping playstyle.
  • McCree (without PAP or DT) will kill round 1 zombies with one full Fan the Hammer and 1 melee. This is to replicate the same numbers as in COD.

Genji Passive Ability

Genji has an additional passive ability in this game mode. With Genji, you can double jump over doors or dash through them to purchase them. The passive ability is that if you do not have enough points to purchase the door, you can dash through it without paying, however the door will not be opened.

Modified Ultimates

4 of the heroes in this gamemode have Ultimate abilities which would not be particularly useful against hordes of Brigitte Zombies. For this reason, I have given them additional effects, the details of which can be found below:

  • Ana (Nano-Boost): Nano-Boost can be used to revive a downed teammate from range. It also allows her to heal all teammates and herself for the duration of the Ultimate (8s).
  • Sombra (EMP): EMP acts as a bomb, dealing infinite damage and killing all Brigittes within a 15m radius.
  • Widowmaker (Infra-Sight): As the Zombies will teleport to a new location shortly after LOS is broken, being able to see them through walls is not very helpful. This Ultimate now fills the Ultimate charge of all teammates for their currently equipped hero.
  • Symmetra (Photon Barrier): Photon Barrier would do nothing to effect Brigittes in any way. Therefore, I have decided to give it a Mass Resurrect effect. All dead teammates will immediately respawn back in the spawn room as McCree, instead of having to wait for the next round to start.

Due to how the game recognises Ultimates, any Ultimates that create a lasting effect on the game, for example B.O.B. or Nano Boost, will be erased if the player switches hero. However, any effects added via the Workshop, such as those listed above, will persist, as they are related to the player, not the hero specifically. A similar interaction happens with Damage-Over-Time abilities such as Ashe’s Dynamite. In this case, the Zombies will continue to take damage from the DOT, however you will no longer gain points from the damage.


Quick Revive (Solo)

On Solo, Quick Revive costs 500 points. When downed, the player will be revived after 5 seconds, stripped of all of their perks and given immunity for 3 seconds. Once Quick Revive has been bought 3 times on Solo, it can no longer be purchased.

Quick Revive (Co-op)

On Co-op, Quick Revive halves the time it takes to revive a teammate from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds.


Jugger-Nog gives you two extra hits before you go down, up to 5 hits from 3 hits.


Stamin-Up increases your base movement speed by 13%. Side-note - the max speed of the zombies is slightly lower than a players’ backwards movement speed WITHOUT Stamin-Up.

Double Tap

Double Tap doubles the damage of all attacks for all equipped heroes.

PhD Flopper

PhD Flopper eliminates all self-damage, such as that from Ashe’s Dynamite or Soldier’s Helix Rocket.


Unlike Double Tap, the Pack-A-Punch increases the damage only of a specific hero. PAP stacks with Double Tap as shown below:

No PAP, No DT:      100% Damage
No PAP, DT:         200% Damage
PAP, No DT:         300% Damage
PAP and DT:         400% Damage

Pack-A-Punched heroes are denoted by a golden sparkling effect.

Players use the Pack-A-Punch by taking the Teleporter. Multiple players can visit the PAP machine at once if they are all in the Teleporter Terminal when the Teleporter is activated. Once the Teleporter has been used to reach the Pack-A-Punch, it will begin cooling down. This cool down is finished by ending the round, hence a trip to the PAP can happen once per round.

Easter Eggs

There are several Easter Eggs in this map for you to search for. They all give some kind of reward, whether big or small. I may post a list of easter eggs and their steps a month or so after the release of the gamemode. I haven’t decided yet but it’s a possibility.

Please send bug reports here:


about 1 month ago 1.1.6

Changes: New Wonder Weapon Available from the Mystery Box: Echo

Bug Fixes: Adjusted the maximum ammo capacity of Ashe and Mei to bring them back to what they were previously (they were changed in a recent Overwatch update)

Known Bugs: Killstreaks are now announced in a big message every 5 kills, resetting when the player switches hero. This is a Blizzard bug and so I have no control over it. Getting a kill as Echo will make the game think you are getting 2 kills. This is also a Blizzard bug.

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3 months ago 1.1.5

Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where the Challenge Round for the Main EE Quest would not end properly.

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4 months ago 1.1.4

Changes: Optimised Hero Switching to reduce server load. Optimised Door System to reduce server load. Optimised Symmetra's Rez Ultimate to reduce server load. New Zombie Targeting System. Zombies will now swing constantly if a player is standing on top of the Statue of a Girl above the Teleporter Terminal.

Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where zombies would not reach the player if they were standing on the platform above the Hanzo Wallbuy. Increased consistency of successfully opening doors using Genji's Dash ability. Fixed a bug with respawning after dying once the main Easter Egg Quest had been completed. Fixed various bugs relating to Zombie facing direction and targeting.

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4 months ago 1.1.3

Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where the Teleporter recharged sound effect would played when the soul chests had been filled but power was not on.

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4 months ago 1.1.2

Changes: Changed the cancellation time for switching heroes on KB/M from 0.12s to 0.14s. Upped Ana's ultimate charge rate by 20%. Upped Mei's damage by 16.7%. Updated in-game description and elohell description to remove the section mentioning the game timer, as it was removed in a previous update.

Bug Fixes: The first change in the list above should help to prevent a bug where players would sometimes not switch heroes after tapping Interact on KB/M.

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4 months ago 1.1.1

Changes: Changed the distance for zombies to teleport closer to the closest player from 25m to 35m. Increased the radius for activation of the Pack-A-Punch teleporter from 1.5m to 2m. Getting knocked down while standing in the teleporter now moves you out of the teleport terminal. This will prevent issues with accidentally teleporting while trying to revive a teammate who went down attempting to teleport.

Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug causing the game the end if any player went down on coop.

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4 months ago 1.1.0

Changes: Changed the time before allowing hero switching after activating your ultimate ability on Controllers from 0.25s to 0.5s. This should help to prevent accidental switching while using ultimates. The Pack-A-Punch Sparkle effect now appears at the player's feet. This effect could be very distracting, especially on shorter heroes. This makes the effect still visible to teammates but not always on your screen. Players can check to see if their current hero is Pack-A-Punched by looking down at the floor. Game timer has been removed. New Easter Egg added.

Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where coop games would not end if all players were to die by falling off the map. Fixed a bug where players would be forced to hold their secondary fire after switching hero while holding primary fire on Torbjorn or Moira. Fixed a bug where zombies sometimes would not attempt to fly up to the player if the player was on high ground but still in line of sight to the zombie.

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4 months ago 1.0.9

Changes: Effects for all perks except for Quick Revive and all doors except for the spawn doors are now created only after one of the spawn doors has been opened. This should help to reduce load on the server.

Bug Fixes: Optimised controller detection system to reduce load on the server.

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4 months ago 1.0.8

Fixed starting Hero.

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4 months ago 1.0.8

Disabled Inspector Recording for slightly reduced Server Load.

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4 months ago 1.0.7

Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug with McCree's Ultimate where Damage Dealt would not be reset to appropriate levels after switching hero while channelling Deadeye. Fixed a bug with Zenyatta's Ultimate where Healing Dealt would not be reset to appropriate levels after switching hero while using Transcendance. Fixed a bug with Junkrat's Ultimate where the player would remain invincible if they switched to another hero while channelling Riptire.

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4 months ago 1.0.6

Changes: Enabled Mei's Secondary Fire. Junkrat now becomes invincible while using his ultimate.

Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where Moira could not use her Damage Orb. Fixed a bug where Zombies would not jump up to you if you stood on the boiler in the boiler room. Fixed a bug where the zombie spawn point would be constantly recalculated when all players in the match are at the Pack-A-Punch. Potentially fixed a bug causing crashes on coop (though more testing is needed to be 100% certain that this is fixed).

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4 months ago 1.0.5

Changes: Reverted spawn system change from version 1.0.1 to the original spawn system from 1.0.0. This change was meant to reduce server load, however continued investigation has revealed that it was likely not the issue.

Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where sometimes McCree's damage would be inconsistent. Fixed a bug where players would gain points from reviving a player who did not lose points when they went down, if the downed player had died beforehand with enough points to lose. Fixed a bug where McCree's damage would be set incorrectly when using his ultimate. Fixed a bug where damage would be set incorrectly after switching off of McCree while using his ultimate. Fixed a bug where Zenyatta's healing dealt would not be reset to 0 after using his ultimate. Removed a bug relating to damage dealt during ultimates. This won't affect gameplay but should reduce server load.

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4 months ago 1.0.4

Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where players could not be revived if they were on the train track in the spawn room and the player reviving them was standing on the platform. Fixed a bug where players would receive 240 points from reviving teammates, even if the teammate in question had not had enough points to lose 240 when they went down.

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4 months ago 1.0.1

Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug with Symmetra's ultimate where resurrected players would not have their variables reset correctly.

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4 months ago 1.0.1

Changes: Server load slightly reduced by disabling the Workshop Inspector.

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4 months ago 1.0.1

Changes: Changed how the spawning system works to reduce server load, hopefully preventing crashes that are most common with 4 players.

Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where some easter eggs would be considered completed before they were. Fixed a bug causing the boss round to start if a player were to join after the game had started. Fixed a bug where damage dealt by the player would be set incorrectly after going down and being revived on solo. Fixed a bug where the bleed out timer would still be visible after the player had been revived on coop. Fixed a bug where certain easter egg rewards would not function correctly if the player were to die and respawn on coop. Fixed a bug where the main door into the 3rd point area (where Jugger-Nog and Stamin-Up are) would not push players back.

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4 months ago 1.0.0

This revision contains no notes

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