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Brig's Boopfest

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about 1 month ago

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27 days ago

brigitte boop ffa while you wait arena

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Brigs gather around for an ultimate booping competition. Who will remaining standing in the arena?

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  • The objective of the mode is to boop players outside of the box-shaped arena in order to score points. This is a FFA battle. Unlike normal Brig, she has multiple tools to do this in this mode.
  • First, Brig can now Self-Boop. If she is in the air, she will go into the opposite direction where she lands her flail. This is useful for getting off the ground and relocating to a better location, or it can be used to flex on her opponent as she boops them off the edge. While this is fun, there is a catch. She is more vulnerable in the air. If she gets whacked by a flail she goes flying. On Necropolis, for example, this is usually a death sentence.
  • Brig's shield bash now goes twice as far. Because of this, it is an excellent mobility tool. However, there is a catch: Brig's shield can only handle 1 flail hit. On top of that, it takes longer to regenerate. The Brig must be wise as to when she should hold her shield up.
  • Her ultimate has been reworked. Now, it allows her to be invulnerable to others. She can use this tool to turn a fight around or get out of a crowded situation.
  • This mode was designed with the "While You Wait" feature in mind, so it is enabled by default. It is fun quick arcade matches while sitting in a 10 minute DPS queue!


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27 days ago 1.0.0

Ok, time to release a more polished version!

  • So, first, I worked out some bugs present in the beta version. This includes more accurate self-boops, no deaths from something other than being outside of the arena, and incorrect first launches.
  • I also changed the arena dimensions so that it is less campy. I added a bumper for each map in those troublesome corner that force the player to not camp there.
  • Player count has been reduced to 6 since 8 is simply to chaotic.
  • First launch now locks aim so that people still loading in aren't thrown to their doom.
  • Match time is now 20 minutes to accompany while you wait players coming in and out of the match.
  • UI has been adjusted.
  • Last attacker works based on if you are still in the air. If you touch the ground, the last attacker will clear after a second.
  • Effects have been adjusted.
  • Brig's stats have been adjusted: normal health again (though higher damage, so practically the same. Now there is no longer a red border or cracked shield), and ult charge has been adjusted to compensate for this.
  • Match now immediately starts.

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about 1 month ago 1.0.0-Beta

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