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Ultimate Chaos

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3 months ago

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6 days ago

ffa ultimate fun

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Ultimate Chaos

The classic 500% FFA Deathmatch, now with a random event that happens once every 10 seconds.
The person who scores the most points at the end of 10 minutes wins! The current version has 16 possible events, all events are 5 seconds long.

Explanation of Events

Dodge D.Va: Spawn as D.Va and set off Self Destruct.
Use Ultimate Ability: Forced to use Ultimate Ability.
Come Here: All players teleport to a single random player.
Soldier 76 Hacking: Spawn as Soldier: 76 and activate Tactical Visor.
Sleep: Sleep for 5 seconds.
Fly: Reverse gravity.
Crouching Kills Enemies: "Tactical Crouching" will kill all nearby enemies.
Burning: The floor is lava.
Faster: All players and projectile move at 300% of normal speed.
Slower: All players and projectile move at 20% of normal speed.
Stopped: All projectiles have 0% projectile speed.
Invisible: All players are invisible.
More Points: All final blows within this period are worth 3 points each.
Current Hero: Torbjorn: Spawn as Torbjorn and activate Turret and Molten Core.
Avoid Ashe: Spawn as Ashe and activate Bob.
Power-Up Ultimate Ability: During this time, all Ultimates are earned back instantly.
Resurrect: Players are immediately resurrected when they die.
Try Again: All players respawn to a new location, with Ultimates and Abilities refreshed.
Avoid Dying Players: When a player dies, all nearby players will be killed as well.
Revealing Players: An icon appears on top of every player, showing their location.



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You may host this game with friends or public, but please do not change the "Created by" name. Thanks.


6 days ago 1.1.2

Added Sigma to the playable heroes pool.

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about 1 month ago 1.1.1

Updated Workshop Description to include my Workshop Discord invite link.

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about 1 month ago 1.1.0

4 new events added

  • Resurrect: Instantly resurrects when you die
  • Try Again: Respawns in a new location with ultimates and all abilities ready
  • Avoid Dying Players: If a player dies, all players within 5m radius will die as well
  • Revealing Players: Icons created above the head to show the position of enemies

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3 months ago 1.0.1

Added Havana to the map pool.

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3 months ago 1.0.0

This revision contains no notes

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