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Max Range Team Training

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14 days ago

team max range training

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Q: Who can see my Rings? A: Only you can. No one can see each others rings.

Q: Who is this workshop intended for? A: 6 Players vs Bots OR 6 Players vs 6 Players

Q: Can I change the Map? A: Absolutely. Works on any map or mode.

Q: Why are certain rings missing? A: Projectile based abilities are based on trajectory. So like an Ana Nade can go different distances depending on how you throw it. I plan to add orbs to show range of projectiles

Q: No rings for Pharah? A: Rings are relative to the players position so they wouldn't be visible in the sky.

Q: I noticed that Sigmas Ring does not match the meters on the top left. Why? A: I left the meters the correct value but added the implosion radius to the "Max" Range

Q: Why do D.Va's ring change when I De-Mech? A: I'm unsure. Best guess is something due to the character model

Q: Some of these rings are off. Not by a lot though. Any reason why? A: Saw this during testing and it is probably due to the different character model sizes

Q: Any bugs that you are aware of? A: Two so far. Sometimes rings won't spawn and other times you're able to see other players rings. Restarting fixes the issue but not sure what causes either of these.

rule("Zenyatta (Team 1)"){event { Ongoing - Each Player;Team 1;Zenyatta;}actions{Create Effect(Players On Hero(Hero(Zenyatta), Team 1), Ring, White, Event Player, 10, Visible To Position and Radius);}}