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Randomat! - Deathmatch with random events

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2 months ago

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21 days ago

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Inspired by the Gmod TTT mod by the same name

Randomat! adds random events to your Deathmatch games. Every 60 seconds a new random event will shake up your game. I recommend playing with atleast 4 people, but it can be played with just 2. The more the better!


Currently there are 12 random events, I am planning on adding more. The same event cannot happen twice in a row. These events are:

  • Swap! - Every 5 seconds 2 random players will swap places. The frequency can be adjusted in the Settings of this event.
  • Contagious Bodies - When you die you drop a large puddle that deals large amounts of damage to anyone standing in it. When you spawn you have a 2 second immunity to this damage to prevent getting spawn killed. The frequency and damage dealt can be adjusted in the Settings of this event.
  • Can't stop, Won't stop - You can't stop moving forward!
  • Stay down! - Jumping is disabled and gravity is heavily increased. Movement abilities can still be used but are heavily restricted
  • Hard of seeing - All players are invisible but everyone is marked by their Hero icon. The hero icon floats at roughly head level.
  • This could get messy - When you die you spawn right on top of someone else. If this goes on long enough this will lead to a constant brawl.
  • I don't do "Bouncy" - You can't stop bouncing!
  • Fear of heights - Fall damage is enabled! If you die due to fall damage, the last player to have damaged you gets kill credit.
  • Bounty Hunter - 100 Coins spawn around the map, collect them to increase your score. Dying will drop half your coins. The player with the highest score will gain +5 to their killscore. The amount of damage dealt can be adjusted in the Settings of this event
  • Send 'em flying! - Damaging someone pushes them back away from you. The more damage you deal, the further they fly. The intensity of the pushback can be adjust in the Settings rule of this event
  • PHD Flopper - Falling from a great height causes an explosion around you that deals a large amount of damage. Damage is always the same, regardless of the height you fell. The amount of damage dealt can be adjust in the Settings rule of this event
  • Changing Polarity - Everyone is given a random polarity, either Positive or Negative. Damaging someone from the opposit polarity will stun and damage you. Landing a melee attack will swap the victims polarity.
  • Out of body experience - You're stuck in Third Person! It's a little janky, but hey, what's the Workshop without some jank.
  • Randomness Intensifies - 3 Random events from this list are activated at once! Some combinations might lead to deadly results!

Game settings

In the first rule named "Game Settings" you can adjust 2 variables.

  • RandomatTimer will adjust how often a new Randomat happens (in seconds).
  • InfiniteGame can be set to true or false. Setting it to false will force the game to end like regular Deathmatch, either after 15 minutes, or once someone has reached 50 kills. These values can be adjust in the regular lobby settings.

Many of the Randomat events also have their own settings that can be adjusted in the Settings rule on the event.

All heroes are untouched. You can play whoever you want, however you want.


21 days ago 1.6.0

  • Added timer on HUD
  • Set default timer to 45 seconds
  • Added icons to all effects to more quickly identify what something is
  • Fixed HUD sometimes appearing in wrong order

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about 1 month ago 1.5.1

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2 months ago 1.1.0

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2 months ago 1.1.0

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