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Sigma Dodgeball

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10 months ago

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8 months ago

sigma dodgeball

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Two teams of up to 6 players face off in a fast paced game of dodgeball! Use accretion to knock out other players from the game. Barriers can be used to block shots occasionally, and kinetic grasp can be used to catch the ball. Upon a catch, the thrower is knocked out and a random teammate of the catcher's is brought back into the game. The Last team standing wins the round. The game area slowly shrinks as the game progresses, any players who leave the area are out. Getting 3 hits at any point in the game allows you to use your ult, which lifts your opponents in the air for easier shots. This does no damage. There are 4 jump pads you can use to launch yourself in the air.


8 months ago 2.0.1

  • Bug fixes
  • Cut catch time in half. It was kinda OP if you had it ready.

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10 months ago 2.0.0

  • The game now takes place on the Workshop Island. This area is much better suited for dodgeball in terms of its visual and geometric attributes
  • The dome that closes in now closes smoothly, and has a yellow ring inside to warn players where the dome position is.
  • The barrier between sides is now a nice line instead of a line of spheres
  • To account for the smaller arena size, projectile speed has been reduced from 200% to 175%
  • Catching works a lot better
  • The game now balances teams after each game
  • Four jump pads have been added to each corner of the arena
  • Falling off the arena will bump you back up, but with a brief knockdown penalty
  • Killing an ulting Sigma will no longer cause any player caught in the Gravitic Flux to die

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10 months ago 1.2.0

This revision contains no notes

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