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Trouble in Talon Town (With Shop)

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ttt trouble in talon town gmod

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Trouble in Talon Town (Gmod TTT remake)

Hello everyone I'm back again after a long break from the workshop to bring a re-do of the original Overwatch TTT Gamemode. There has been some changes to improve stability and also some interesting NEW features!

This game mode is based on the Garry's Mod Trouble in Terrorist town game mode where there are a certain number of traitors who's job it is to take everyone else down. The job of the rest of the players is to narrow down who is bad and who is good.

In this version it works the same as normal: Traitors are trying to kill everyone else to win the game, Innocents want to kill the Traitors and the Detective wants to protect the innocents as much as possible.

Notice any bugs or have any improvements let me know!!




  • New Traitor and Detective Shop!!

  • New Role: Jester

  • Support for up to 12 players, with 8+ players having 3 Traitors guys (Ratio of 1/4).

  • Lots of heroes to choose to play as, with all abilities except movement abilities disabled.

Game Objective:

The aim of the game for the good guys is to survive, and for the bad guys, is to kill everyone else. First to 50 round points wins!


There are Now 4 roles in the game (with renamed roles from previous) ; Detective, Innocent, Traitor and Jester (Optional). The Detective is just like the Detective from TTT where they are confirmed innocent. The bad guys are the traitors and they have to kill everyone else except their own team to win. The good win by not dying before the time runs up or before the bad guys all die. The Jester has a solo win condition, where if they die they win. Jesters cannot damage other players and whoever kills the jester dies. The round continues after a Jester is killed.

New Role:

The Jester only wants to kill himself to get some points, and cannot get any points by the traitors or innocents winning. The Jester can also not do any damage to players, so be careful not to give yourself away. You also cannot kill yourself, it won't count. To disable Jester there is an option under the "Gamemode Setup" drop down in the workshop right at the top where it sets the variable "Enable Jester", to disable the Jester set this to False, and the Jester will not be chosen.

User Interface:

The user interface shows your role in the top left corner of the screen, along with the name of the Detective. The Detective also has the label "Detective" floating above their head in game. Bad players can see other bad players by a red circle above their heads, which can be seen through walls. No one else can see this. When players die they drop orbs and by them, their name and their role. The Hero can see how many credits they have to resurrect players in the top left corner also.

The Shop:

The shop is a large part of Gmod TTT so I have been trying to incorporate it for a long time now and I finally have! To access the shop you must be a Detective or a Traitor and you can spend your credits in the shop to buy abilities. Detectives have 2 credits and the Traitors have 1 each.

To Access the shop you must stand still, crouch for a few seconds and you will see the interface show in front of you. You then move your cross hairs to the ability you want to buy, and shoot at it to purchase.

The abilities you can buy are:

  • Ana Sleep - Sleeps enemies in a line from you in the direction you're pointing for 5 seconds (Traitors Only)

  • Widow Sights - Shows an "X" above all players on the map (Both Roles)

  • Baptiste Healing - Heals you 200HP over time (Both Roles)

  • Mercy Resurrect - Resurrects the player you are standing over (Detective Only)

To use an ability first cycle through your abilities in the top left corner by pressing the <Interact> key. Then activate them by pressing the <Ultimate> key.

A Typical Round:

A certain number of Traitors players will be chosen at random from the players list, they will be told to kill everyone to win. A Detective is then selected from the remaining good players and told to protect them. Everyone tries to prove they're Innocent while the Traitors players plot to kill everyone. The Traitors players have 5 minutes to kill everyone or the Innocents win! The Jester on the other hand wants to appear suspicious in order to get players to kill them, they only win points if they die and they are not on either team.

RDM killing:

RDM kill means a kill on another Innocent player (or Jester) if you are Innocent yourself, this is often inevitable but is frowned on, so every time you RDM, you have a point taken away. Unless you RDM the Detective in which case you lose 2 points (Your fault for killing a confirmed good guy).

Best way to play:

Get a group of friends together, jump in a VC or in match VC and lie to hell and back to prove your innocence.