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Custom game mode




about 1 year ago

Last updated:
about 1 year ago

gamemode control koth

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A custom gamemode in which teams must fight to control 5 points instead of Overwatch's customary 1 point. Proof of concept on TDM Eichenwalde, but the concept should work on any map.


All five points start out in a neutral state. Points are indicated by a glowing ring and an icon that can be configured to show offscreen or not via the global variable B. Teams must stand within a point to begin claiming it for themselves. Up to 3 players can stand on a point to increase the capture rate. If both teams are standing on a point, capture progress is halted until one team clears the other off the point. If a point is partially captured and no team is on it, after a second the point will begin reversing the capture progress. Once a point is fully captured, it will begin contributing a point to the controlling team's score every 7 seconds (can be changed via global variable C).

If a member of the opposing team stands on a controlled point, they will begin neutralizing the point, with up to 3 members proportionally increasing the process. If the opposing team steps off the point, after a second, neutralization progress will begin reversing. Once a point is neutralized, it will stop contributing points to the other team, and any team can begin claiming it for themselves.

First team to 200 points (currently not configurable due to Workshop bugs) or the team with the most points when time runs out wins!


about 1 year ago 1.0.0

Custom control points which behave differently from the vanilla Overwatch KOTH/Control points.

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