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Super Smash Bros 3D

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22 days ago

Last updated:
4 days ago

smash smash bros kings row

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The 1.0.0 code of this gamemode is the original Super Smash Bros 3D on King's Row, the one that I made in an hour or so and with only a couple hero changes. After I upload this, I will also put up an unplayed 2.0.0 mode with many hero changes.


Super Smash Bros in Overwatch! Knock enemies outside the red sphere to kill them, and avoid getting killed yourself! Each player has 5 lives, the last one standing wins. Created by Zomg


4 days ago 3.0.1

  • General -
  • Ported the previous code to Live.

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15 days ago 3.0.0

Note: This code is for the PTR only.

  • General -
  • Knockback calculations use Event Direction instead of the direction from the attacker to the victim

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15 days ago 2.2.0

  • General -

  • Brought the code up to modern standards (renamed variables, ifs instead of skip ifs, etc)

  • Replaced the old crappy HUD texts with brand new, icon-filled HUD texts

  • You now get a message when you die

  • Turned damage numbers into a percentage, finally

  • Increased the size of the in-world text

  • Players now wave when you kill someone

  • There's now an effect when someone dies

  • Reinhardt -

  • Can now cancel his charge by pressing Interact

  • Bug Fixes -

  • Fixed bug where Genji could use his shurikens

  • Fixed bug where Bastion could shoot outside of tank form

  • Fixed bug where damage percentages would not show up after a death

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22 days ago 2.0.0

  • General -

  • Lucio and Brigitte now have special ultimates that speed them up considerably. (Their ultimates did nothing before)

  • Disabled Echo, Hanzo, Moira, Sigma and Wrecking Ball. (Echo is simply because she hadn't come out yet)

  • Ana -

  • Disabled noscoping

  • Now has infinite ammo

  • Ashe -

  • Disabled: Dynamite, noscope

  • Now has infinite ammo

  • Baptiste -

  • Disabled: Regen Burst, Immortality Field

  • Matrix is always available and lasts forever

  • Reduced ammo by 75%

  • Bastion -

  • Always in tank mode

  • Reduced damage by 50%

  • Genji -

  • Can only use Dragonblade

  • Reduced dash cooldown by 50%

  • McCree -

  • Disabled Deadeye

  • Can only Fan the Hammer

  • Increased ammo by 200%

  • Mercy -

  • Finally removed the instant Valkyrie that I forgot to remove when debugging

  • Orisa -

  • Increased projectile gravity by 50%

  • Sombra -

  • Decreased Hack cooldown by 70%

  • Decreased Translocator cooldown by 170%

  • Symmetra -

  • Disabled Sentry Turret

  • Increased ammo by 400%

  • Torbjörn -

  • Disabled Turret

  • Increased movement speed by 100%

  • Can only use hammer

  • Tracer -

  • Decreased Blink cooldown by 70%

  • Decreased Recall cooldown by 70%

  • Widowmaker -

  • Disabled: Grapple, Venom Mine, noscope

  • Reduced gravity by 20%

  • Increased ammo by 400%

  • Zarya -

  • Disabled Projected Barrier

  • Decreased Particle Barrier cooldown by 50%

  • Zenyatta -

  • Disabled Orb of Harmony

  • Increased speed by 100%

  • Decreased ammo by 75%

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22 days ago 1.0.0

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