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Tiny Overwatch

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20 days ago

ffa tiny room overwatch small

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In this version you’ll work towards your ult rather than spawning with it. Ult charge rate is increased considerably during combat, and most cool downs are slightly reduced. There is currently a bug when Tracer Recalls - She is thrown out of the room. Looking into a fix!

Update version 1.3: Tracer’s recall is now re-enabled - however it cannot be used within the first 3 seconds of spawning. This is to prevent recalls throwing her out of the room. The following heroes have been given a 50% damage buff: Hanzo, Zenyatta, Widowmaker, Mercy and Lucio. Mei’s ult charge rate has been nerfed from 300% to 250% (combat). I’ve added hud text explaining how spectators can watch the action, and how to change maps.

Version 1.2.a: Disabled Tracer’s recall due to it teleporting her out of the tiny room - I’ve narrowed this down to using recall within 3 seconds of (re)spawning.

Version 1.2: Ingame announcer has been disabled, self initiated spawns have been re-enabled, and the game now ends after 30 mins or somebody achieves a score of 999. You now also automatically spawn in the room upon joining!

Version 1.1: Fixed spawns breaking after the first game has finished. Also fixed respawns in game breaking.

Version 1.0: Public test release.