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Overwatch MIDI Pianist

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Overwatch MIDI Pianist

This gamemode uses dummy bots to play MIDI songs on the Paris piano. You can convert the contents of any MIDI file to arrays that the gamemode can read, with this MIDI converter.

Note that the code above only contains the base gamemode without any songs. However, you do not need to import it, you only need to paste in the settings from the MIDI converter. See below for example codes with songs.

If you have any feedback, or if you just want to say hello, you can contact me on Discord: ScroogeD#5147

Note: currently PTR only.


  • Play up to a few minutes of any MIDI file
  • Simultaneously play up to 11 voices
  • Percussion instruments are automatically ignored
  • Notes outside the range of the Overwatch piano are automatically transposed up or down

Ingame controls

  • Interact (F): start and stop playing the song

You can control the speed at which the song is played:

  • Primary Fire: Speed up by 5 %-points
  • Secondary Fire: Slow down by 5 %-points

Note: the minimum time between two notes/chords is 0.064 seconds. If there are delays smaller than that, they are increased to 0.064s. Additionally, a negative speed value will make delays between all chords 0.064s.

You can easily remove all game sounds except the piano:

  • Host player only: Open the custom game lobby with L, then enter the custom game settings screen. (Optional: if you also want to see the bots playing, you can hide your HUD with Alt+Z)
  • Any player: Open the custom game lobby with L. Right click your player icon on the top right corner of the screen, and press Career Profile. (Optional: hide HUD with Alt+Z. Note that Esc -> Career profile also works, but doesn't allow you to hide your HUD.)

Example codes with songs

Only for PTR.

  • Pokemon Red/Blue trainer battle music: MZ4C8
  • Pokemon Gold/Silver champion battle music: SKVBS
  • Pokemon Red/Blue gym leader music: H4EMP
  • Pokemon Gold/Silver trainer battle music: HTVFK
  • Pokemon Red/Blue wild battle music: GC2NT
  • Pokemon Red/Blue team rocket hideout music: A3YR1
  • Pokemon Red/Blue champion battle music: 9EAC3

All Pokemon Red/Blue music above was transcribed by Mark Benis. The Gold/Silver themes were transcribed by me.

Known issues

See Known Issues on Github.


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