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Actual Tank Elimination

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23 days ago

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23 days ago

bastion tank squ1dward driving

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Drive around an actual tank in Overwatch!

At the start of each round 2 infinite ultimate Bastion Dummy Bots will spawn with you. Crouching next to them will allow you to enter them. After entering a tank you can have one of 3 roles.

Driver: Control the tank's movement by using the Primary and Secondary Fire buttons and your camera. This is the first player to enter the tank by default.

Gunner: Control the tank's gun by aiming it with your camera and using your primary fire when you want to fire. This is the second player to enter the tank by default.

Passenger: Any number of players can enter a tank, but only the first 2 players to enter get to control it. Any player after the 2nd will be a passenger. Players in this role will take over for other roles if the player filling that role leaves the tank.

Each player can only perform one role at a time. If a tank only has one player to control it they can switch between the Driver and Gunner roles by holding the jump button for 3 seconds. Each tank has 3000 hp and approximately 450 damage per shot with a fire rate of one shot every 1.5 seconds. Pressing interact will fix camera bugs in the tank and holding interact for 2 seconds will allow you to go into 1st person view.