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OW Fight Club (Close Quarters Duel Practise)

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18 days ago

Last updated:
3 days ago

1v1 close quarters duel practise training

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Improve your mechanics on any hero you want with this new game mode!

Press (Interact) to teleport to/from the hero select screen. While you're there, press (Ability 2) to change your hero or press (Primary Fire) to select who you'll be going up against in the Arena!

New Moira, Ashe, Orisa and Hanzo AI:

New Tracer AI and Genji Ultimate Demo:

New and Sigma AI Improvements:

New Doomfist and McCree AI Improvements:


3 days ago 1.0.6

Bug Fixes to Genji AI: Fixed a bug where during Dragonblade, Genji would not try to close the distance between himself and the Player. Increased consistency of forcing Genji's ultimate with the "Ultimate Status" voice command. Fixed a bug where Genji could use Deflect again too quickly after having just used it in one of his combos.

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17 days ago 1.0.5

All Heroes Now Available!

AI Additions: Ashe now functions properly. Moira now functions properly. She will throw damage orbs or healing orbs (if she is low on HP). Coalescence is also available and will be used as soon as she has it. Hanzo now functions properly. Orisa now functions properly. Supercharger is also available and will be used as soon as she has it.

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17 days ago 1.0.4

AI Improvements: Tracer: AI from Tracer Duel Practise added. Genji: Dragonblade now available. Say "Ultimate is Charging" to force him to use it. Will now jump and double jump randomly.

General Improvements: Players now spawn facing the Hero Select Screen.

Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where bots would continue to face you when knocked down, frozen or slept. Fixed a bug where when selecting a hero, the button pressing effect would play on the wrong button.

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17 days ago 1.0.3

AI Improvements: Now uses Defence Matrix when taking too much damage (if DM is off cooldown). Uses DM after being stunned. Will re-mech once 100% Ult Charge is reached in Baby form. Sigma Now uses Experimental Barrier or Kinetic Grasp when taking too much damage (if they're off cooldown). Uses KG after being stunned.

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17 days ago 1.0.1

AI Improvements: As well as Genji, Doomfist now has his own personal AI with 3 unique combos that he'll perform at random. McCree bots will now use flashbang (if it's off cooldown) when the player uses Take a Breather as Roadhog.

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18 days ago 1.0.0

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18 days ago 1.0.0

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