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Custom game mode




6 days ago

chill kill chill/kill

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Chill/Kill (w/ anti-chiller killing)

So this game mode prevents Killers from killing any chillers and lets chillers and killers do their own thing. If you want to join and be a Killer, you can join then press your Ultimate key (Default Q)! By default, everyone is sorted into the chiller role- but if you had become a Killer and want to be a Chiller then crouch and press your Ultimate button (Default Q). As a Chiller, if you press Interact (Default F), then you'll teleport yourself wherever you're facing. You can use this teleportation ability to glitch out the map in a few different ways! As a Killer, pressing Interact (Default F) will spawn you a bot to fight. The bot is an aimbot Roadhog that will always walk right at you and will respawn exactly where it died. If you get close to the bot, it will hook you and if it's low on health- it will heal. If you don't want to fight a bot, then you can always fight the other Killers (assuming there are any).