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Just Deathmatch

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18 days ago

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Just Deathmatch is a preset to start up a 12 player deathmatch server quickly and easily. The game will run endlessly, and won't end when someone reaches a set score, making it perfect for if you want to warm up with some other people or play deathmatch without having to worry about your position on the leaderboard.

It also features Fast Respawn - pressing the interact key will toggle you between respawning instantly upon death or having a few seconds before you respawn. This was done because I believe that instant respawn makes deathmatch more fun, as you don't have any downtime, but it prevents you from switching heroes, as in deathmatch the only time where you can switch heroes is while you're respawning.

The map defaults to Chateu but supports all Deathmatch maps - just change to the map you want under the 'Maps' setting.

CODE: JBZAP (v1.0)

Please use this title: <FGFC9D03FF> <tx0C000000000015BB> JUST DEATHMATCH </FG> v1.0 (this will give it the correct colour and icon)

Setup: None, just hit 'start game mode' and the game will automatically start.

Known Issues:

  • None at the moment - please let me know if you find anything.

Let me know if you find any bugs. Thanks!