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Advanced Sigma Dodgeball

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A semi-realistic version of dodgeball, with some twists and a few cosmetics, Advanced Sigma Dodgeball is fun for those obsessed with the complex.


Super Jump

Just like Baptiste's, hold crouch to charge up. Do note that this leaves you extremely vulnerable.

Slow Fall

Hold jump to descend safely, more useful at intervals to mix up opponents' aim.


Press interact to duck, this will cancel a throw and can be used midair. This does go lower than crouching.


Ducking with a touch of speed, double tap a direction to dodge towards it. Note that this goes to where your momentum is headed, not necessarily the direction of input. This fact does not matter unless airborne.


Kinetic grasp has been transformed into a catch mechanism with an extremely tight timing (as indicated by the hud text). This timing will get harsher the less you throw, to prevent camping while still maintaining the ability. Gif


The ball's movement speed is identical to the regular accretion projectile speed, so this mode is great for training aim!

The Shop

Everyone earns $10 per kill. Any cosmetic can be bought for $60 per match, this will add to the visuals for the accretion startup with a colour and effect of your choice. Note: You can only use one cosmetic at a time, owner gets a lot of money for existing. If you can't find time to buy a cosmetic, buy it during half time.

Half time

If any team has 4 points, and both teams have more than 3 points, the beginning of the next round will be a 20 second half time, in which you can buy cosmetic, or just chill out!

Watch your throws

Just like in normal dodgeball, you can run out of balls on your team. The amount you get scales based on the amount of players, and although it is generous, you should still make every shot count. As you throw a ball, it is transferred to the opposing team as would be in real life. However, if the enemies decide to be toxic and, sit there to watch you suffer without balls, eventually, the balls will start rolling back to your side. You can warn your team that they are over-throwing by using the "acknowledge" voiceline.


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