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Tracer Fishing

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16 days ago

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2 days ago

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Tracer Fishing

Made by Bonkorn.

"Roadhogs are looking for the extraordinary Tracerfishes located in the well of Ilios!"

Game Mechanics:

  • Auto-Swap teams each round (Round 1: Roadhog vs Tracer, Round 2: Tracer vs Roadhog, etc)
  • Phase: Hero Selection (10 seconds)
  • Phase: Prepare (10 seconds)
  • Phase: Catch (30 seconds)


  • Catch all of the Tracerfishes by using your chain hook.
  • You have 30 seconds to catch before all of them disappear!
  • You cannot swim.


  • Evade all of the incoming Roadhogs' chain hook.
  • Survive for 30 seconds and you will disappear immediately!
  • "Warning" icon above Roadhog means his chain hook is ready.


2 days ago 1.0.31

  • Changed the end of the link with the custom code in preset description.

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2 days ago 1.0.31

  • Create custom code for redirecting.

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9 days ago 1.0.31

  • Replace long link with short link in preset description.

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10 days ago 1.0.31

  • Fixed Chain Hook is disabled even on ground.

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11 days ago 1.0.3

  • Roadhogs now arrive on the side of the well, instead of beside.
  • Cooldown of Tracerfishes' abilities: 50% -> 40%
  • Normalized move speed and gravity for Roadhogs when round end.

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15 days ago 1.0.2

  • Fixed when Roadhog caught the last Tracerfish on last second, both team receives a score.
  • Roadhogs will now automatically look at the well after arrived at the play area, instead having to turn around for some players.
  • Ragdoll of Tracerfish that is caught will now disappear.
  • Roadhogs can no longer use chain hook when not on ground.
  • Duration of Phase: Prepare: 12 seconds -> 10 seconds
  • Added Tracerfishes caught counter for each Roadhog.
  • Dead players can now spectate the other team.
  • Aesthetic: Increased the effect of Sparkles.
  • Disabled abilities for all players when time ran out.
  • Disabled announcer for hero selection.
  • Disabled music.

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15 days ago 1.0.1

  • Fixed "Warning" icon do not disappear when you are not Roadhog anymore.
  • The disappearance effect (occurs when time ran out) of Tracerfishes now work only on living ones in the well.
  • Tuned the out of bound impulse to make spring back fall into well less frequently.
  • Changed the disappearance effect color from sky blue to yellow.
  • New aesthetic: Sparkles now appear above the top "water" of well.

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16 days ago 1.0.0

  • Included website in preset description.

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16 days ago 1.0.0

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