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🔗 Switcheroo Deathmatch

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8 months ago

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about 1 month ago

deathmatch teleporter ffa

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🔗 Switcheroo Deathmatch

  • It's FFA Deathmatch, but every 10 seconds you will switch place with another player.
  • Set up traps, jump off the map, and put your opponent in difficult situation, right before the timer reaches 0.
  • But be warned, not all teleports will be successful, so don't play yourself.
  • You get points for causing your opponent to die to environmental damage after the teleport.
  • Come out with creative new ways to cause your opponent to die!

Special Abilities

[Protected]: Communicate "Hello"
Grants you 3 seconds of Invincibility

[Jump Up]: Double Jump
Gains a powerful upwards jump

[Come Here]: Interact
Forcefully switch place with a random enemy player

  • Special Abilities' cooldown will scale according to the number of players in the game, more players = longer cooldown.
  • Special Abilities' cooldown can be reduced by dealing damage to enemy players.



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You may host this game with friends or public, but please do not change the "Created by" name. Thanks.


about 1 month ago 1.2.5

Allows players who are queuing to join this game.

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3 months ago 1.2.4

  • When [Come Here] ability is ready, Interact button is now properly disabled to prevent the destroying of Torbjorn's turret, destroying of Sombra's translocator, and using Symmetra teleporter.
  • Some technical changes.
  • HUD improvements.

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4 months ago 1.2.3

Added all event maps to the game.

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5 months ago 1.2.2

Added Sigma to the playable heroes pool.

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7 months ago 1.2.1

Updated Workshop description to include Discord invite link.

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7 months ago 1.2.0

  • Re-added all KOTH maps.
  • Crouching no longer disables standard hero abilities and ultimates.
  • Special Abilities Cooldown reduction increased from 0.025s per 1 damage dealt to 0.05s per 1 damage dealt.
  • [Protected] ability duration increased from 3s to 5s.
  • [Come Here] ability now shows who switched places with you.
  • All Special Abilities keybinding have been changed.

    [Jump Up]: Double Jump, similar to Genji's double jump.

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8 months ago 1.1.0

  • Added Havana to the map pool.
  • Removed all KOTH maps from the map pool.
  • Added 3 Special Abilities for everyone:

    Protected: Grants you invincibility for 3 seconds. Jump Up: Gains a powerful upwards jump. Come Here: Forcefully switch place with a random enemy player.

  • Special Abilities' cooldowns are scaled according to number of player, more players = longer cooldown.
  • Special Abilities' cooldowns can be reduced by dealing damage.
  • Sound effects are now played for successful or failed global teleport.
  • Some technical changes.
  • Removed all buffed stats (Health, Walk Speed, Ult Charge gain etc.), it's now all at default stats.

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8 months ago 1.0.0

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