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🔗 Switcheroo Deathmatch

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Custom game mode




about 1 year ago

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about 1 month ago

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  • FFA deathmatch, but every 10 seconds, everyone switch places with one another.
  • Set up traps, jump off the map, or put your opponent in a difficult situation, right before the Switcheroo.
  • But be warned, not all Switcheroos will be successful, so don't play yourself.
  • You get points for causing your opponent to die to environmental damage after the Switcheroo.
  • Come out with creative new ways to cause your opponent to die!

Power Ups

There are many Power-Ups that spawn around the map. The more players there are, the faster they spawn.
Press Interact to use your active Power-Up.

Power Up Colour Description
Protected Sky Blue Become invincible for 5 seconds.
Jump Up Green Powerful upwards jump.
Come Here Orange Switch place with a random player.
Avoid Switcheroo Red Immune to all switches^ until the end of next Switcheroo.


  • If a Power-Up isn't picked up after some time, it will despawn, and respawn in a new location.
  • Collecting a new Power-Up will overwrite the old one
  • ^Come Here Power-Up will not target you, and you won't teleport in the next global Switcheroo

The Power-Ups appear as orbs like these.








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about 1 month ago 1.3.1

New Power-Up

  • New Power Up: Avoid Switcheroo! Appears as Red orb.
  • When used, you are immune to getting targetted by Come Here Power-Up, and will not switch places in the next Switcheroo.
  • Effect lasts until the next global Switcheroo.

New maps

  • Added Workshop Island night mode.


  • Come Here will now respawn and despawn at the same time as all the other Power-Ups.
  • You will no longer see "Teleport Unstable..." message if you are dead.
  • For Workshop Island and Chamber, the Power-Up spawn position uses a different algorithm, so they do not spawn near the edge.
  • For all other maps, Power-Up spawn position range reduced from 30 blocks from any player to 20 blocks from any player.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that players can spawn with Come Here Power-Up.

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about 1 month ago 1.3.0

General Update

  • Complete code rewrite. Do let me know on discord if there are any bugs you encounter.
  • Updated the description.
  • Added a game introduction at the start.
  • Now shows who you teleported to after each Global Switcheroo and [Come Here] Power-Up.
  • Match time reduced from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.


  • Added Echo


  • Players no longer have the 3 special abilities.
  • The 3 special abilities are instead Power-Ups that can be picked up around the map.
  • Those Power-Ups will spawn/change position more frequent with more players in the game.
  • Each player can only hold onto 1 Power-Up at a time, picking up a new one overwrites the old one.
  • All Power-Ups can be activated with Interact button.
  • The targeted player for [Come Here] Power-Up will now be awarded a kill if the user dies from self-inflicted damage or falls off the map after teleporting.
  • Players now lose points if they fall off the map when there is no recent switcheroos (5 seconds).
  • If a player causes a victim to die from falling off the map or self-inflicted damage after switching, that player will be awarded Ult Charge based on the remaining health of the victim.

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4 months ago 1.2.6


  • Updated Global Teleportation Big Messages to support custom text.

New maps

  • Workshop Island
  • Workshop Chamber

Notable bug fixes

  • Fixed Interact key getting disabled during the first round of "Come Here" ability cooldown.

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6 months ago 1.2.5

Allows players who are queuing to join this game.

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8 months ago 1.2.4

  • When [Come Here] ability is ready, Interact button is now properly disabled to prevent the destroying of Torbjorn's turret, destroying of Sombra's translocator, and using Symmetra teleporter.
  • Some technical changes.
  • HUD improvements.

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8 months ago 1.2.3

Added all event maps to the game.

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9 months ago 1.2.2

Added Sigma to the playable heroes pool.

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11 months ago 1.2.1

Updated Workshop description to include Discord invite link.

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12 months ago 1.2.0

  • Re-added all KOTH maps.
  • Crouching no longer disables standard hero abilities and ultimates.
  • Special Abilities Cooldown reduction increased from 0.025s per 1 damage dealt to 0.05s per 1 damage dealt.
  • [Protected] ability duration increased from 3s to 5s.
  • [Come Here] ability now shows who switched places with you.
  • All Special Abilities keybinding have been changed.

    [Jump Up]: Double Jump, similar to Genji's double jump.

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about 1 year ago 1.1.0

  • Added Havana to the map pool.
  • Removed all KOTH maps from the map pool.
  • Added 3 Special Abilities for everyone:

    Protected: Grants you invincibility for 3 seconds. Jump Up: Gains a powerful upwards jump. Come Here: Forcefully switch place with a random enemy player.

  • Special Abilities' cooldowns are scaled according to number of player, more players = longer cooldown.
  • Special Abilities' cooldowns can be reduced by dealing damage.
  • Sound effects are now played for successful or failed global teleport.
  • Some technical changes.
  • Removed all buffed stats (Health, Walk Speed, Ult Charge gain etc.), it's now all at default stats.

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about 1 year ago 1.0.0

This revision contains no notes

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