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TTT With Bad/Hero Shop Updated With Tons Of Items

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Custom game mode




about 1 month ago

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about 1 month ago

trouble in terrorist town ttt shop murder mystery abilities

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Original code used: For more details use the link above

Contact me through my Discord:

Known Bugs: After some rounds the game fails to respawn a player and doesn't assign roles. (Not sure why this happens and any input is greatly appreciated) If this happens just reset the lobby

Gameplay Video:

This game mode works best with no more then 11 people as any or then that and some abilities do not work. Multiple abilities added and removed from the original

Hero Store:

  1. Extra Health

This ability increases your health to 300

  1. Turret

This ability summons a turret (while the turret is deployed the hero receives a heal over time equal to the turrets damage)

  1. Run Away

This ability causes a speed boost to the Hero

  1. Fast Detection

Makes detecting a body almost instantaneous

  1. Statue

Forces everyone to stand still.

New Abilities:

  1. Flash Bang Restock

Reenables Flash Bang after the first one was used to resurrect

Bad Store:

  1. Sleep

Press Melee while aiming at an opponent to sleep them

  1. Duplication Escape

When you get damaged up to 4 bots spawn on you while you teleport away

  1. Burn

Press interact (F) to set the players around you on fire Only innocent and heroes get damaged

  1. Invisible

Press Melee to be invisible for 7 seconds Shooting disables invisibility

  1. Freeze

Press interact (F) to place and start freezes every innocent and hero around the placement location

  1. Mercy Hero's Flash bang

Enables the flash bang which can either stun people or rez a player similar to the hero's flash bang

  1. Time Attack

Press Melee to activate, This ability globally speeds up and slows down time. Its sure to cause some chaos.

  1. Get Away

Press Q (Ultimate) To change into a Widow that has one shot and after you shoot you change back into McCree. Alternatively you can Melee to cancel the widow but credits aren't refunded

  1. Super Slide

Unlocks an ability that super charges your roll into an insane slide

  1. Deadeye

Unlocks Deadeye by pressing Q

  1. Purple Rain

Press Q (Ultimate) to activate. This ability summons a barrage of Moria damage orbs at your location

  1. Hidden

Press Melee to activate, This ability summons red smoke to make it harder for your enemies to see, and transforms you into Roadhog

  1. No Forward

Press Melee to activate, This global ability prevents players from moving forward for a short period of time. Combine this ability with Time Attack for potentially devastating effects.

  1. Fortify

Reduces incoming damage randomly (identical to dodge from original game mode)

  1. Aerial Assault

When you are in the air transform into Pharah and instantly send a rocket barrage out.

  1. Pose

When activated it causes all players to say a voice line then forces everyone to emote

  1. Statue

Forces everyone to stand still.

New Abilities:

None Right Now

More to be added soon hopefully!!! (If You Have An Idea For An Ability You Want To See Contact Me Through My Discord)

The Details of the game mode as written by ModProg

"The Gamemode: TTT (Trouble in Terrorist) like gamemode, with the 3 roles "Bad", "Innocent" and "Hero"

Every player gets spawned as McCree "Bad" players have the objective to kill all "Innocent" and "Hero" players They can use the traitor shop by pressing crouch (Ctrl) To chose an item, move the mouse up and down To buy, select and use, press interact (F) "Innocent" and "Hero" players have the objective to identify and eliminate all "Bad" players "Heroes" are the only players equipped with their flashbang: They can use it to stun other players until they Resurrect a dead player by using flashbang while standing on its corpse. After resurrecting the flashbang gets disabled. Heroes can use interact (F) on corpses to detect player roles When all players on one side are dead, the round ends: Every player on the winning side gets 5 points, "Innocent" and "Hero" players killing players on their side get -1 point per kill. The match ends, when one player gets to 50 points, or the match timer exceeds. Press and hold interact (F) to detect a player's role as detective

The Shop The Shop can be opened by pressing crouch (Ctrl) Items can be selected by moving the mouse up and down and pressing interact (F) New items get bought and selected Already bought items get selected Some items like "Junkrat" are passive items, they get displayed on the left when bought instead In each round 4 of the 8 items are available in the shop The yellow one is currently "hovered" Each bad player earns 1 credit per second and 60 per kill

*See above for current shop items (stuff like Junkrat may have been removed)

The Settings Playing an other implementation of this gamemode, I have noticed that it was impossible to change the number of "Bad" or "Hero" players, so I added those to the settings:

B is the percentage of "Bad" guys H is the percentage of "Heroes" G shows/hides a list with the number of players per role on the right side of the Screen The settings: Those 3 are the entries to change. The settings: Those 3 are the entries to change.

The setting for "Bad" guys, just click on the 34.00 and edit. The setting for "Bad" guys, just click on the 34.00 and edit.

The second set of options contain:

S enables the shop Is the price list for the traitor shop: to disable an item set the price to 0, while changing the price, keep the sign! U and V set the upper and lower limit for the shop (for the mouse movement) K enables "detecting" for Heroes ... more to come

The number of players in total can be changed in the default "LOBBY" settings

The Interface: The interface was created to be easily readable and unintrusiv, on the top left you see your role and underneath a list with all "Heroes", and if you are a bad guy your current money.On the right is a (in the settings toggable) list of players per role.

The yellow light spots on the ground mark dead players. The player name and role is displayed above. These are the places "Heroes" have to stand near and look at in order to resurrect. The red skulls mark your fellow villains. The player name and role is displayed above.

These are the places "Heroes" have to stand near and look at in order to resurrect and detect. "


about 1 month ago 2.2.2

Bug Fixes

U.I. Updates

Description update

Cleaned Up Unused Code

Started work on a new Bad ability:


This ability allows a bad player to plant evidence on another player's corpse causing their corpse to display the Bad role

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about 1 month ago 2.2.1

Bug Fixes

(Didn't Test Extensively So If This Version Is Broke Try A Previous Version)

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about 1 month ago 2.2.0


Shop Prices Rebalancing

Fixed a bug that prevented certain UI elements to spawn if the game had 7 or more players

Cleaned up the Hero and Bad player Ui

Added Flash Bang Restock to the Hero Store

Added A feature where if a player dies all other players say hello

Probably some other changes im forgetting

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about 1 month ago 2.0.0

Added Hero Shop

Added: Hero Ability Extra Health

Added: Hero Ability Turret

Added: Hero Ability Run Away

Added: Hero Ability Fast Detection

Added: Hero Ability Statue

Added: Bad Ability Statue

Added: Bad Ability Pose

Modified: Hidden

Modified: Time Attack

Changed Various Ability Names

Overhauled The UI

UI now includes instructions on how to activate abilities.

Various Bug Fixes

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about 1 month ago 1.0.1

Adjusted Prices for most items

removed repetitive maps (maps that have multiple versions only have 1 version in the map pool now

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about 1 month ago 1.0.1

fixed bugs such as: no forward never going away for good players

New Abilities:


Aerial Assault

Ability Swap: Swapped out Rez for Flash bang

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about 1 month ago 1.0.1

Removed Support for 12 player lobbies because it causes some abilities not to work. Lobbies are now limited to 11 people.

Added multiple new abilities to the shop including

Moria Clouds


and No Forward

Changed Not Today to Time Attack since Rez can self rez making Not Today redundant

Various Bug Fixes

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about 1 month ago 1.0.1

Fixed Bug that caused more bad to spawn then intended

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about 1 month ago 1.0.0

This revision contains no notes

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