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Junkertown Dungeon

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10 months ago

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8 months ago

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With a team of 5, (1 Tank, 1 Healer, 3 DPS) take on three challenging boss fights throughout Junkertown! Every death increases the respawn timer. If all players are dead, the game is lost. Tank's job is to maintain a high threat level so the boss focuses primarily on them. Healer's job is to keep everyone alive. Damage's job is to... deal damage... Random gear will drop from the first two bosses to help prepare for the next battle! There are 4 difficulties to choose from in game before the first fight!


8 months ago 1.6.0

  • Many Dungeon-Wide Changes that I can't list here because for some reason this website has a character limit on changelogs...
  • Removed Bastion Boss's "Anchored Rounds" ability
  • Greatly reduced Bastion Boss's base projectile speed
  • Added "Explosive Trail" for Bastion Boss. Bastion leaves behind 3 explosives that deal damage and apply knock down for a brief period.
  • Blocked off healthpack room during Bastion fight. (There are still places to take cover, that place was just too campy and very easy to avoid all challenge during the fight)
  • Improved Hammond Boss's movement behavior. Should be a tad less chaotic, and a little more aggressive
  • Reworked Hammond Boss's "Magnetic Dislocation" ability. Now charges up (with a visual) over a brief period, and only pulls players who are in line of sight once.
  • Added measures to prevent Hammond Boss from spamming Piledriver (Thanks to the new cooldown rules!)
  • Added usable bombs to the Hammond fight. There are 3 dispensers that periodically spawn bombs that can be picked up and used by players. After a short time, the bomb detonates, causing damage to Hammond (Provided he is in range) and knocking him down for a period
  • Hammond Boss no longer gets knocked down at 66% and 33% health
  • Lowered Hammond Boss's base damage and speed

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10 months ago 1.5.0

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