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CoD Zombies : Hollywood Madness

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How it works : Add 6 Roadhog bots on the Team 2 and set Hard Difficulty. I've created this mode to emulate the real CoD Zombies with zones, perks, mistery box and Pack a Punch. Wall weapons are be replaced by Map Heroes.

Map Heroes

  • Lucio
  • (Start as Baby)
  • Soldier-76
  • Junkrat
  • Baptiste
  • Doomfist
  • Ashe
  • Sombra

Wonder Weapons from the Mystery box are be replaced by Mystery Heroes

Mystery Heroes

  • Reinhardt
  • Ana
  • Mercy
  • Hanzo
  • Genji
  • Reaper
  • Tracer
  • Torbjorn
  • Widowmaker
  • Mei All Heroes can be Pack a Punched 3 times and obtain Power Ups. Power Ups can be passive stats or improve mechanic of a Hero, when a Hero is changed the player will loose every Upgrade done. The only hero that can't be Pack a Punched is Mccree the start Hero.


  • Juggernog 2500 points : Increase Max Health and regen 3 HP/s
  • Double Tap 2000 points : Increase Damage dealt and projectile speed
  • Stamin Up 2000 points : Increase movement speed
  • Quick Revive 1000 points : Decrease the time required to be revived by an ally, if you are going to play alone you will auto-ress instead and gain 5s of Invincibility (you will loose the perk after the auto-revive) Be knocked down by the zombies will make you loose one random Perk Shield Parts and Shield Table : When the game starts 3 Shield parts will spawn randomly around the first map zones, when you collect all the parts the Shield Table will appear and the player will be able to buy a Shield (3500 points), the Shield will protect from back attacks until his HP reach 0. Heroes like Torbjorn for example, when Pack a Punched increase all allies Shield Max Health to 145 and with every kill will restore Shield HP. Hero PaP Abilities :

Tracer :

  • Heal 15 HP when Blink
  • FlashBack Stun enemies when the animation end
  • Getting a Kill with Pulse Bomb will regain 30% Ult Charge

Reaper :

  • Every kill will charge your Ultimate by +5%
  • Wraith Form damage nearby enemies
  • Death Blossom will deal 3 more heavy hits to all enemies on range

Torbjorn :

  • Increase all Shields MAX HP to 145 and with every kill repair them all by +3 Points
  • When turret is deployed damage an enemy will afflict them with Burn status
  • When using Molten Core self heal 100 HP

Mercy :

  • When using Ultimate all allies will get healed every second by 100 HP
  • Healing power x2.
  • When using Ultimate all enemies will have their damage cut -75%


  • Tempest Arrow will knock down enemies
  • Headshoot kill will stun all nearby enemies
  • When using Ultimate all nearby enemies will get Stunned


  • Headshoot kill will damage nearby enemies
  • When using Ultimate damage will increase to x5!
  • When portrait on fire gain +4% Ult Charge every second


  • Sleepdart has now AoE effect when hit a target
  • Biotic Granade will slow the enemy (-60%)
  • When using Ultimate the NanoBoost target will gain Invincibility for the NanoBoost duration


  • When using CryoFreeze and touching the grond Freeze all nearby enemies
  • When Mei HP < 50 and CryoFreeze is not on CD it will automatically activate.
  • When using Ultimate all allies will get Healed by 200 HP


  • When his shield is up (secondary fire) Heal himself every 2 seconds
  • When HP are low gain Invincibility for 3 seconds (10s CD)
  • FireStrike now has splash damage push back enemies and start a damage over time


  • Damage enemies when DragonBlade is active will deal AoE damage
  • Dash though enemies will start a Damage over time (Old genji bleed effect)
  • When a enemy will take damage from behind will be Knocked Down


  • Micromissile will deal extra damage to the enemy
  • Damage reduction (-30%)
  • Defensive Matrix will heal Dva by 50 HP every second she keep it up


  • Healing power +40%
  • Using Ultimate will heavy slow down enemies (-90%)
  • Damage enemies when wallriding will double Lucio damage


  • Kill an enemy will Heal 35 HP
  • When potrait is on fire gain +2% Ult Charge every second
  • When using Ultimate gain Invincibility


  • When HP > 70% gain +2% Ult Charge every second
  • Soldier Biotic Field will stun and push back enemies when deployed
  • When Ultimate is ready and soldier will go down you will auto-revive yourself after 2s (Ultimate charge will come back to 0.)


  • Regenerative Burst will create a Field when you are Invincible
  • Damage enemies will heal you and allies around you
  • When getting damaged by enemies movement speed +250% for 3 seconds (10s CD)


  • RocketPunch will knock down all enemies around the target
  • Killing an enemy will start a Heal over time for 5 seconds
  • Doomfist damage increase based on Ultimate Charge


  • Damage enemies from behind will deal extra damage and hack them
  • When using Stealth start a Heal over Time for 5 seconds
  • EMP will now damage and slow down enemies (-50%)


  • When the last one alive gain +5% Ult Charge every second
  • Damage burned enemies will spread the Burn to the nearby enemies
  • When killing an enemy you get Healed.

I'm open to critics and feedback, feel free to contact me on Scarabocchio- (PSN), Scarabocchio (BattleNet) or here on Reddit.


2 days ago 1.1.0

-Tracer HP increased 120 -> 150

-Dva HP increased 70 -> 120

-Changed Torbjorn 1° PaP upgrade to: Damage over Time insted of Extra Damage

-Changed Baptiste 3° PaP upgrade to: Speedboost when damaged instead of invisibility when crouched

-Changed Sombra Invisibility duration to 5 seconds

-Decreased Junkrat ammo by 1

-Decreased Mei's time to Freeze

-Increased Mei's slow effect when Freezing an enemy

-Bots damage will now increase further more when reaching Round 15

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9 days ago 1.0.0

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