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Defend the Aura (PVP)

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21 days ago

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21 days ago

pvp protect aura defend attack

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This is a PVP Game Mode. Playable already from 1v1, but I recommend at least 3v3. Best with 6v6.

There are two Teams. Team 1 (Defender) and Team 2 (Attacker).


The attackers must try to get into a red area on the map (the Aura) and stay there. As long as one or more attackers are standing in the aura, the aura will lose life. If the life of the aura is 0, the attackers have won. But beware, attackers have only 1% life in the aura and make 0% damage.

The attackers become stronger with each death, but may only die a certain number, otherwise the defenders have won. Also the attackers get stronger when they damage the aura and with every new wave. A wave always lasts 4 minutes.


The defenders get gold with each new wave and through each kill, which they can spend in the spawn for life and damage buffs. The gold and buffs are for the whole team. So teamwork is important here.

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