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Castle Quests

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Castle Quests Welcome to Castle Quests, an adventuring RPG mode where you can power up your character through Leveling Up, completing quests, obtaining or crafting items, and defeating other players!

  • Over 10 types of events can occur during gameplay
  • Complete quests for the Brawlers Guild to fight other players and earn Reputation that grants combat-oriented Items.
  • Complete quests for the Gatherer Guild to boost your gathering production capability, allowing you an easier time to Craft powerful Talismans and Weapons.
  • Defeat other players in the Arena to increase your Arena Rank, earning bonus XP and Money as well as a cosmetic glow.
  • Earn money from Quests or the Mine area, or from defeating other players or completing Events.
  • Spend your money in the Shop to purchase items that well help you along your adventure.
  • An Artifact Merchant can set up shop, providing powerful Artifact-grade items to lucky, rich players.
  • Unlock the Secrets of the Royal Gallery when you meet certain conditions
  • Obtain Achievement Titles that grant bonuses to the bearer! Change your Title in the Shop or press "Ultimate Status" (default Z) to clear your Title.
  • Go Fishing! Raise your Fishing Level to catch fish faster and catch larger Fish!

Four story Characters

  • Knight, Reinhardt Challenge the Knight Reinhardt to combat.

  • Squire, Brigitte (No information)

  • Court Wizard, Moira Survive the magical onslaught of the dark Court Wizard Moira. If she tries to teleport away, make sure to chase her down!

  • Queen, ????? (No information)

This project is an eternal work-in-progress, so please let us know if you have any suggestions or concerns! Some light modding support has been added, allowing you to easily customize which events can take place during gameplay. Modding of code is allowed for more advanced users, however please leave all Credit information in-tact located at the top of the Rules list. Thank you for playing!