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Reinhardt Combat AI

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16 days ago

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Can you beat the Reinhardt bot in a "fair" 1v1?

The bot has a winning record against multiple OWL main tank players. No video intro this time, I would imagine it's more fun for the players to challenge the bot without knowing how the bot will react to your moves and make decisions.


  • Press Interact[F] to Start and Stop

  • Press Crouch to change the Mode (only works while the game mode is not running)

Main mode: Reinhardt Duel

The player and the Reinhardt bot play by the same rules:

  • Fire Strike cooldown 35%

  • Charge cooldown 70%

Ultimate Generation:

  • 26% per Swing

  • 35% per Fire Strike

  • 100% per Pin

You can only go outside the red zone if you Pin the other player - If you try go outside the red zone without hitting a Pin you will get hacked for 3s and teleported back to the arena (the bots hack duration is shorter, but the bot also never tries to abuse the red zone)

The bot has a unreal reaction time and the mode is not meant to simulate a 100% realistic situation, if the bot would have realistic reaction times it would be too easy for the players to beat the bot. In it's current form it is possible to beat the bot (without exploiting) if you don't make mistakes and kind of understand the bots way of playing the game. Here is a screenshot of LhCloudy (LA Gladiators) beating the released version of the bot in a first to 25 kill match.

Extra mode: Earthshatter Blocking Practice

If all of the abilities together are too much to handle in the Reinhardt duel mode you can practice the abilities one by one in 3 different extra modes and then try combining everything you learned to beat the Reinhardt bot in a duel. In this mode the bot will use Earthshatter in random intervals and you can practice blocking them in different distances.

Extra mode: Fire Strike Only

You can practice hitting and dodging Fire Strikes, the bot is easy to beat in this mode and it's kind of useless but adding this mode didn't cause any extra work. [The bot doesn't have a good rhythm of movement depending on the Fire Strike cooldown of the bot and the player which is something I could improve in the future]

Extra mode: Corner Swing Practice

In this mode you can practice your Corner Swing technique against the bot. The bot doesn't have a good corner swing technique or rhythm of movement taking hammer position in to account. If you cannot beat the bot every time in a "ranged hammer fight" in this mode it is a good indication that you are doing something wrong with your Corner Swings. [This might be something where I could improve the bots technique in the future]

Special thanks to LhCloudy for beating up the bot a few times and giving me good ideas on how to make the bot harder to beat.

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