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Big Boss Series: Pinball of Destiny Full PvE!!

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Big Bad Boss Series: Pinball of Destiny

Boss: Hammond (just a PINBALL unkillable by normal means)

Minibosses: Reapers

Phase Neutral: Pinballing...

Task 1: Searching for the Answer

Task 2: Brainstorming

Task 3: Gather then Scatter

Task 4: Dodgemaster2000

This fight is made for 6 players! Gather up and have fun!

This map has just made it to testing phase. I appreciate any feedback, advice maybe video that you make about this. (

Normal: N23PA

Heroic: no codes yet (will come as testing progresses)

Mythic: no codes yet (will come as testing progresses)

This fight heavily requires characters that can push (boop, knockback) an enemy! Please consider this when picking Heroes for the fight. Every hero can push the Ball just by damaging it at least a little bit.


This phase is the normal state o the game, this is where players can see which task they have to do. In the middle on top of the screen as a HUD. 'Start and finish task #X' where X is the number of the required task.

eg. Start and finish task #1 means, players have to push the Ball into the Green Orb labeled '1' to start that task, and after they have to finish its requirements (see below) to complete it.

When a task is completed, players will get back here to Phase 1. Getting a new task and they have to start pushing the ball again!

--You can also see a HUD in the top left corner which gives that how many times the Ball has to fall down off the edge while doing the encounter.

--The Ball will emit a Minefield once in a while. You can see a counter for that in the top right corner of the screen.

--Players on Tank characters will be given a Taunt mechanic on their Interact key. This will turn the Reaper Minibosses on them when they push it. That ability has a 10 second cooldown.

To Kill the Boss, you have to push it down as many times as it required AND do all the tasks that are given.

TASK 1 - Searching for the Answer

--A Reaper Miniboss will spawn. Players have to kill it.

--Yellow orbs will spawn at random locations. Players have to collect them.

-Red and Yellow clouds will appear to obscure players' vision.

Killing the Reaper and collecting Orbs will complete this task.

TASK 2 - Brainstorming

--A Reaper Miniboss will spawn. Players have to kill it.

--Each player will get a number. This number can be seen at the top left corner of the screen. Players have to reduce this number to exactly 0 by going through the Green orbs in the corners of the map. (eg. going through the Orb labeled 4 your number will decrease by 4) You cannot go through the same Orb twice after one another.

--While in this Task, players will take increasing DoT effects, however upon reaching 0 with their number it is all cleared.

Killing the Reaper and reducing EVERY players' number to 0 will complete this task.

TASK 3 - Gather then Scatter

--A Reaper Miniboss will spawn. Players have to kill it.

--A White Orb will spawn on the map. All players have to gather in it within time. You can see the timer in the top right corner of your screen. If a player is not in the Orb by the deadline, they will die.

--After that all players get a soft DoT and after 5 seconds, they will leave a Purple Orb at their position. Entering any purple orb will do damage to the players. (These orbs will remain on the map for the rest of the fight, so be careful at placing them!)

These 2 things will cycle until the end of the task.

Killing the Reaper will complete this task.

TASK 4 - Dodgemaster2000

--A Reaper Miniboss will spawn. Players have to kill it.

--Bigger Yellow orbs (not little like in Task 1) will spawn on the map. Going through them will damage the players, so they have to avoid them.

Killing the Reaper will complete this task.


Reaper miniboss HP: 6250

Reaper miniboss Damage Done: 150%

Reaper miniboss Movement Speed: 60%

Auto Attack: 3 shot then target change

Ultimate charging: 100% (will immediately ult when at full charge)

Overall Tasks to Complete: 4 (Tasks are in order, 1-2-3-4)

--Task 1: Collect 10 Orbs.

--Task 2: DoT damage is 15. (stacks every 10 seconds)

--Task 3: Gathering deadline is 10 seconds -- soft DoT damage is 20/sec for 5 seconds -- Purple Orb damage 30/sec

--Task 4: Main Orb damage 100/sec -- other orbs damage 50/sec (if you stay inside of them)

Boss (Hammond) has to fall down 20 times during the encounter.


11 months ago 1.0.1

Boss Changes: ---Reaper Minibosses have 60% movement speed (down from 70%) ---In Normal mode, when the group finishes Task 1, 2 and 3... all the dead players will come back to life, so they can experience the other tasks. They get a 50% damage dealt penalty, but they can act normally.

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11 months ago 1.0.0

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