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Call of Duty Domination

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9 months ago

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about 1 month ago

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Call of Duty Domination. Gain points by holding as many of the 3 objectives as you can! Half Time when a team reaches 100 points (switches sides), Full Time at 200 points.

Current Available Maps: Black Forest

Early footage:

Main features missing from this video that ARE in the game mode: Big messages telling you when your team has lost or captured a point, small messages telling you when your team is losing a point and objective names now change colour so you can see which team is holding them through walls.


about 1 month ago 1.0.5

Dev tools removed (I'm an idiot)

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about 1 month ago 1.0.4

Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where messages telling players that objectives were captured, lost or being lost would refer to each objective as "Objective 1, 2 or 3" instead of "Objective A, B or C". Fixed a bug where half time could be triggered again if a team were to overtake the enemy team in points during the second round. Fixed a bug where teams would continue to gain points even without holding any objectives if a point was captured during the slow motion at the end of Round 1.

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4 months ago 1.0.3

Removed the dev tools that I left in the last patch because I'm a moron.

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4 months ago 1.0.2

Game mode now works again. Half time crashes should be eliminated and initial spawns have been fixed.

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9 months ago 1.0.1

Optimisation updates to help reduce server load throughout the game.

Removed residual capture progress ring after capturing a point.

Known bugs: Sometimes crashes can happen when capturing a point after half time.

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9 months ago 1.0.0

This revision contains no notes

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