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The Horde, an Infinite PvE Mode

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Custom game mode




28 days ago

Last updated:
6 days ago

scourge pve work in progress alpha endless horde infinite new gamemode custom ai zombies waves multiple difficulties

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Horde, an Infinite PvE Mode

Horde is a custom PvE mode in which players fight increasingly difficult waves of enemies which are endless! Kill 555 bots to claim victory in the final round!


  • This mode is simple as it's core, but the players will fight against waves of enemies which must be defeated before the time runs out. If the timer runs out, the players lose.
  • The players can win if they kill the required number of enemies, and win the final round!
  • For completing activities the players earn or lose their team score, which can be a measurement of the team's performance. The longer they live and the more they do, the higher this goes.
  • The host can modify the difficulty (the required # of kills) for victory to incur, if at all.


  • This mode scales linearly with each level, however at level 7 a Reinhardt bot is created which is capable of destroying foes and is essentially the Ringleader of the bots.

  • At level 10, Reinhardt unlocks his ultimate ability and will begin to pummel the players.

  • At level 12 a Special bot is created at random. This bot may do special things that alter the outcome of the game. At level 20 this bot is rerolled at random.

  • At level 15, Brigitte unlocks her ultimate ability and uses once she dies.

  • At level 20, Torbjorn unlocks his ultimate ability and will begin to melt the players.

  • The final fight is difficult, and may prove a challenge, particular if you had taken advantage of the poor A.I...

  • ... and many more secret A.I. unlocks!

To complete a game, expect it to take an hour.

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6 days ago 0.95.0-beta

///// 12/02/2019 /////


  • Amount of score granted per kill reduced.
  • Added an abbreviation for scores that pass 1000k (1,000,000) into 1.00m.
  • Fixed the bot reroll for Wave 20 not functioning, and added reroll for higher level waves in general.
  • Changed the difficulty requirement for kills:
    • Easy: 425 -> 450
    • Medium: 555 -> 600
    • Hard: 666 -> 750
  • Increased the damage modifications of harder difficulties to be even more difficult.
  • The enemies remaining now reduces the present bots if the value is lower than the total number of bots. (Essentially 1 enemy remaining = 1 bot alive.)
  • The bots also now hang around in between rounds, as a corpse. Neat.
  • Increased the amount of time between each wave.


  • Damage reduction now has a minimum of 200% such that the first few waves are no a walk in the park.
  • Health gained per wave increased by 6 times.
  • Increased the damage dealt per wave.
  • Reinhardt now attempts to keep his barrier up much longer and consistently.
  • Updated the consistency of Epicenter (Reinhardt's Wave 20+ ultimate).


  • Mercy's Resurrection now restores the correct amount of points.
  • Mercy's Resurrection cooldown reduced to 15 seconds from 30.
  • Attempted a fix for enemies swarming player corpses, if there is another valid target.

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20 days ago 0.90.0-beta

///// 11/18/2019 /////


  • Merged and fixed a few scripts.
  • Added several new maps to the rotation.
  • Every wave defeated increases the maximum health and healing received of bots and players by 1%.
  • The amount of score gained has been drastically increased, and now directly correlate with the current difficulty.
  • When the Team Score goes above 10,000, it will become abbreviated and will display as 10.00k instead.
  • Wave completion now immediately heals everyone for full health.
  • Amount of enemies required for Easy difficulty reduced from 444 to 425.


  • Difficulty now correlates to the enemies required to be slain each wave.
  • Damage reduction per level drastically reduced.
  • Reduced the health of Reaper from 500 to 400, and ammo from 8 to 6.


  • Mercy's Resurrection now restores some points lost, and modifies the total death counter.
  • D.Va now heals for full health upon meching and demeching.

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23 days ago 0.85.0-beta

///// 11/15/2019 /////


  • Replaced the Final Wave for a new Event. This event may be a test of your coordination and require much more effort than the previous waves.
  • Game difficulty now impacts more settings, such as wave timers, and damage dealt/received.
  • Further improved the pathing of the A.I, they should no longer get stuck above a player, and no longer get stuck way out of range of any player.
  • Wave 20 and beyond now cause doom to occur, much more frequently.


  • At Wave 20 and beyond, Reinhardt's ultimate upgrades. This should make him even more scary than he is.
  • Improved the stats of Winston, Reinhardt, Reaper, and Tracer bots.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the A.I. from detecting their current health verses their maximum. (This fixes Tracer and Reaper not using their abilities completely.)
  • Torbjorn's ultimate now automatically attempts to fling him into the air, for maximum coverage. Juicy.


  • Player Reinhardt no longer receives a speed penalty for using Barrier Field. This is the likely start of some minor hero tweaks to make them better.

Updated the details (and tags) on this page.

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26 days ago 0.75.0-beta

///// 11/12/2019 /////

  • Added a new difficulty variable, this can be set to 0 for 444 kills to win, 1 for 555, 2 for 666, and 3 for Infinite.
  • Tweaked the values of the Widowmaker bot.
  • Wave 12 now selects 1 out of 6 random bots, which is then rerolled with Wave 20.
  • Replaced the ultimate UI tracker with Torbjorn. Yes, Torbjorn is scary.
  • Added and changed some actions the current bots do and require.
  • Added a new anti-stuck script, instead of jumping when they get stuck, they will actually attempt to get unstuck and teleport.
  • Enabled a few more maps, but Château Guillard is still buggy.
  • Changed some other minor values and variables.
  • Significantly increased the timer per round, should be more achievable for players who cannot score kills as easily as other teams.
  • Gave Widowmaker the ability to use Grappling Hook.
  • Gave Reinhardt the ability to use Barrier Field.
  • Some additional round and final based polish.

Updated the details on this page.

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27 days ago 0.50.0-beta

This revision contains no notes

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27 days ago 0.50.0-beta

This code is non-functional, and is just a reference for links.

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28 days ago 0.50.0-alpha

  • Fixed some bugs involving the final round.
  • Added some more polish.
  • Changed some of the values of Widowmaker, and when she spawns.

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28 days ago 0.40.0-alpha

This revision contains no notes

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