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NecroMercy Bossfight

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mercy bossfight 2cp bots dummybots

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A Bossfight against NecroMercy (the Boss) who can summon up to 5 Bots over time. Your goal is to Kill the Boss or take the Objective.

As the NecroMercy your Goal is to Survive and defend the Objective with your Bots.

Mercy starts with 2 Roadhog (Rook) Bots on Point A, after some time a Reaper (Knight) Bot spawns. After losing Point A Mercy gains 2 more Bots, a second Reaper and later a Sombra (Bishop) Mercy as a Necromancer has 3 Abilities: Ulting Rezzes fallen Allies but freezes her for a short amount of time , Interact (F) initiates a Superjump and Ability 2 (E) Summons your Allies (Souls) back (crutial to rez Bots who have fallen off the map other wise they won't respawn)

Other than that, Mercy can only heal or damage boost the Bots, she does not do any damage herself!

This Mode was inspired by a similar named Mode from around the time of the Pre-Mercy-Rework (Huge Rez).

I just tested the Gamemode publicly today and got quite the Feedback! Someone mentioned to post the Code here and it might not be a bad idea since I'm a novice Workshop User and could really need some Help and Ideas.

If you are interessed I could open a Discord Server for progress and help :)


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