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Custom game mode




about 1 year ago

Last updated:
about 1 year ago

vip vip mode

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This mode is all about killing the opposite teams VIP (as of now: Mercy) while protecting your own.

if a Mercy dies, the opposite team gets a point, the first to 3 points wins (control maps)

someone can volunteer to be mercy, I wish to add in a random aspect if noone volunteers to be the mercy, but that is for a later patch. there is no respawning, only ressurect (on a 45 sec cooldown)


about 1 year ago 1.1.0

changed the following things

  • Someone can now Volunteer to be the Mercy. (right now someone has to "volunteer" to be mercy sadly, but this is something i wish to alter later on)
  • added in no respawning unless rezzed
  • boosted Mercy's stats a little (150% hp, has all weapons and boosts available)

thanks to the help from AlexBamm94 & Zusa for helping with this, their additions are very helpfull.

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about 1 year ago 1.0.2

changed the following things

  • the mercy is now randomized if there are none picked.
  • if there are 2 mercy's picked, allow one of them to switch.
  • cleaned up some code in general.

thanks to the help from IvanIV in the elo hell workshop discord server!

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about 1 year ago 1.0.1

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