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Glitched Hide and Seek, FFA Edition

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Custom game mode




11 months ago

Last updated:
10 months ago

hide and seek hide seek glitches out of bounds free for all dynamic ffa scourge hiding

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Hide and Seek

Created by Scourge.

The Basics

An Overwatch classic gamemode. Once the timer begins players will have 90 seconds to find a hiding spot. After the timer expires, the Seekers will be selected at random and will have approximately 3-5 minutes to find the Hiders. (Most abilities are disabled during the hunt.)

Goal for the Hiders is to out live the timer, and the Seekers' goal is to eliminate all Hiders before the timer runs out.

Included Mechanics

  • Phasing into hollow surfaces.
  • Map dependent timers, scaling with Hider hero compositions.
    • Larger maps have a Seeker radar!
  • Custom Hider challenges.
    • Hold F (Interact): Toggles Glitchless
    • Hold F (Interact with Glitchless): Toggles Running
  • Hero specific additions and custom mechanics.
  • Ingame guides via on-screen HUD!
  • ... and much more!

Niche Features

  • Hold Q (Ultimate): Toggles 3rd Person Camera
  • Press F: Toggles Movement Speed
  • Press F (during the Hunt as a Hider): Freeze in Position
  • Hold F (as Seeker): Suicide
  • Hold Crouch + F (as Hider): Teleport to Spawn
  • Hold Crouch + F (as Seeker): Surrender the Round

My Other Modes

The Original H&S - The original non-randomized 9 player game mode!

Defend the Point! - A full custom PvE gamemode!

Horde, an Infinite PvE Mode! - A custom PvE invasion gamemode!


10 months ago 3.0.0

///// 2/22/2020 /////


  • Fixed several bugs.
  • Added more map specific timers.
  • Added a message if a player joins late.
  • Lots of other undocumented changes.
    • It should be stable for full games. Although it still requires playtesting.


  • Ability cooldown lowered from 5% to 2%.

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11 months ago 3.0.0-beta2

///// 1/4/20 /////


  • Updated several settings.
  • Fixed lots of bugs and leftovers due to the old gamemode.
  • Updated lots of logic.
  • Fixed Seeker bugs.
  • Updated the scoring mechanics.
  • Updated the HUD.
  • Too many minor changes to list. Changed the minimum Seeker Percent to 25% from 33%.


  • Ability cooldown upped to 5% from 0%.
  • Zenyatta: Fixed a bug that prevented the ultimate from working.

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11 months ago 3.0.0-beta1

///// 12/30/19 /////


  • Converted the whole gamemode and its systems into a FFA environment.
  • Tweaked the Seeking timer to a base of 3.5 minutes, but several larger maps have new additional timers they add.
  • Added support for dynamic Seeking teams.
    • Never again will you have to fear as if the Overwatch randomizer keeps pursuing you over and over, now it's just pure RNG.
  • Removed several hero specific mechanics.
    • Hero specific mechanics will have to be updated and looked at as time goes on. For now it's very rudimentary and should get the job done.
  • Updated several U.I. elements in support of the new system.
  • Updated Objective Descriptions.


  • All hero tweaks and changes have been removed, and are slowly being re-added in one form or another.
    • Genji: Dragon Blade lasts 300% longer.
    • Hanzo: Removed Dragonstrike and Sonic Arrow.
    • Reaper: Removed Death Blossom.
    • Widowmaker: Remove Infra-Sight.

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11 months ago 0.0.0

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