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Player Destruction [From Team Fortress 2]

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7 months ago

Last updated:
23 days ago

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This mode is a recreation of TF2's Player Destruction mode. Collect orbs from killing enemy players, then deposit the orbs into the beam (which spawns periodically). First team to reach the goal score wins!


General Gameplay:

  1. Each player must collect orbs from the enemy team.
  2. In order to do this, the player must kill them.
  3. Once they die, they spawn an orb with the amount of orbs the enemy player had plus the one they dropped. (Ex. 6 orbs + 1 from death).
  4. The player can deny the enemy team points by collecting their own teammates' orbs.
  5. The points earned from a teammate's orb is just the amount they have collected (i.e. If they had zero orbs, the player will get zero orbs as well).
  6. Eventually, the moving beam spawns. Players must stand in the beam in order to deposit their orbs 1 by 1. This will add to the total team score. This is the only way to earn points.
  7. After some time, the beam will despawn. The next round begins...


Team Leaders and Total Count:

  1. Team leaders are players that have the most orbs of the team (and have at least 1 orb).
  2. When a player is a team leader, they will have an icon above their head along with the number of orbs they currently have and their ultimate charge percentage.
  3. This mark and number can be seen by everyone and anywhere in the map.
  4. Team Leaders essentially become tempting targets for the enemy team.
  5. When the player becomes a Team leader, they also get a HUD text that says "TEAM LEADER!" This way, the player know they are visible to everyone in the game.
  6. Teammates, protect your team leader!
  • The total count of all the orbs for each team can be seen as a HUD text on the left hand side of the screen. Use this to help know if someone is holding a decent load of orbs while not being the team leader.


Important Note:

  • For those familiar with Player Destruction from TF2, There are multiple differences between this version of Player Destruction and the one in TF2.
  1. In TF2, the team leader received self healing and could heal nearby teammates. This does not happen in this version. Due to the flexibility of team compositions, the team should be able to protect the team leader. Instead, healing is granted to the player who manages to kill the team leader.
  2. In TF2, each map had different ways to deposit the orbs. (Watergate had a UFO that moved, Monster Bash had bridges that would spawn and lead to the point, etc.) All maps in this version function the exact same way: A moving beam that starts at one point of the map to the other point. No gravity altercations either.
  3. In TF2, the game could go on for infinity. In this version of Player Destruction, there is a round system that prevents this.
  4. In TF2, there was a set spawn point where players can hide in. In this version, players are given protection for a little bit once they spawn, but afterwards, they are completely open to attack.



  • Created by Block#12425. Thanks to Ikra#2825 (for scripting assistance for a rule)
  • Thanks to Kevlar and Xerxes for their map detector scripts that were used in previous versions. Those codes contain proper links.
  • Thanks to the original creators of the mode, with details located here: Link to Steam Workshop


23 days ago 1.2.4


  • Added new dynamic goal system. Despite the bug with declaring team victories in TDM, I was able to work up a system that allowed for a changing goal. Basically, this works like some of the maps of PD in TF2. The more players that are in the match when it starts, the higher the goal will be.

      2p -> 8 Orbs
      4p -> 16 Orbs
      6p -> 24 Orbs
      8p -> 32 Orbs
     10p -> 40 Orbs
     12p -> 48 Orbs
  • UI and point effects have been adjusted once more. Now there is a start and end in-world text effects that are clearer for newer players to understand where the beam starts and stops. In turn, I have made both rings turquoise to match the beam color.

  • Respawning adjusted. Self-Initiated respawning has been enabled, but the player cannot press the jump key until after 5 seconds (original respawn time). The respawn time has been restored to original TDM settings. What this means is that you have more time to change heroes in between spawns. Small bug is that you can change heroes to bypass the 5 second limit, but it is mostly negligible time saved.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed for negative orb values.

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about 1 month ago 1.2.31


  • Changed UI once again.
  • Adjusted Team Leader to be on the left to make room for right side information.

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about 1 month ago 1.2.3


  • Updated contact and project information and added it to the top right corner of ui.
  • Fixed bug of endless looping final round.
  • Fixed bug of Team Leader in-world icon not disappearing after team leader disconnection.

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4 months ago 1.2.2


  • Custom strings. Now, the orbs are called orbs instead of resources.
  • Orb overflow check changed so that the oldest orbs despawn first.
  • Bug fixes.

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4 months ago 1.2.1

Surprise update! Thanks to a member in the discord (linked in this project), I have been able to add more maps to the mode!


  • Added two maps, Oasis Garden and Oasis City Center.
  • Added support for Ilios Lighthouse, Ilios Well, and llios Ruins. (There are issues with the objects created in this mode being symmetrical. As a result, for now, I have disabled them)
  • Fixed orbs not storing resources dropped.
  • Increased invincibility timer to 5 seconds, and disabled the status changes from a Mercy revive. Fixed bug with the orbs not spawning on walkable positions.

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4 months ago 1.2.0

Surprise update! Thanks to a member in the discord (linked in this project), I have been able to add more maps to the mode!


  • Added two maps, Oasis Garden and Oasis City Center.
  • Added support for Illios Lighthouse, Illios Well, and Illios Ruins. (There are issues with the objects created in this mode being symmetrical. As a result, for now, I have disabled them)
  • Fixed orbs not storing resources dropped.
  • Increased invincibility timer to 5 seconds, and disabled the status changes from a Mercy revive.

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4 months ago 1.2.0


  • This update focused on more optimizations. Reworks of three systems are listed below:
  • Team Leader System. Now, there is only one team leader per team. Team Leader starts at 1 resource. This means less effects in game, resulting in better performance.
  • Orb Spawning System. Now, only a max of 5 orbs for each team are allowed (which, technically, more orbs are allowed at once). Internally, the orbs are already created, and are simply teleported to the location of death. This means better performance. For the most part, these seem to work. There could be a bug or two that still needs to be found.
  • Spawn Points. Now, the spawn point simply spawns the player. They cannot change their hero, and they are not safe inside of a radius. What happens instead is that once spawned, the player has 3 seconds of invulnerability and invisibility. After the three seconds, they are vulnerable to the world. This was done to prevent exploits, and because of the lack of some rules and effects, there is better performance.
  • Beam sound was removed.
  • There are more changes planned after the ptr update. In 1.2.1, there will be custom strings, and all the resources will be called Souls, like in TF2.

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4 months ago 1.1.2


  • Fixed new bug with Lijiang Control Center
  • Added event variants for all maps of Lijiang Control Tower.

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5 months ago 1.1.1


  • Reversed beam direction, start, and end locations on Lijiang Night Market. The end location was not getting enough use.
  • Revamped internal beam script. It should now be more optimized.
  • During beam rework, time for each phase should be more accurate.
  • The beam icon is now slightly higher.
  • Orb cap was lowered to 8 max orbs.
  • Future update may rework team leaders and etc. in order to improve performance of the mode.

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5 months ago 1.1.0


  • New Map: Lijiang Night Market
  • Made adjustments to beam and ring in some maps for QoL and fix bugs.
  • Resources from a disconnected player now disappear into oblivion.
  • The player who lands the final blow on a Team Leader now gets a heal of 1000hp (I.e. they get their full health restored). This should encourage the killing of team leaders even more and help break some lopsided point matches.
  • Optimizations made to beam detection. "Spawn" in-world text is now gone. There is a cap for how many orbs can be present at once (10, oldest one gets deleted when it reaches 11. In experience, the orb count rarely exceeds this). This is to prevent the server from crashing (I only encountered this once. I hope these changes will be enough to prevent it, but if it appears again, any feedback would be appreciated).
  • Removed Announcer for every round except the final round.
  • Music and Announcer are enabled for the end of the match. All effects are removed at the end of the match.
  • Now, the objective description should always be accurate for the player.
  • Minor Bug Fixes.
  • Changed link in description to shorter link.

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5 months ago 1.0.2

Bug Fix:

  • Random Resource being added to a player's score at the beginning of the match.


  • This mode takes advantage of the new color options. Beam is now turquoise (Trivia: original TF2 Watergate beam was this color), end ring is now yellow.
  • Team Leader HUD changed: Now, it includes the warning icon.

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6 months ago 1.0.1


-Readded Mercy's revive ability (works slightly differently than normal revives, but practically should still be the same). -Made small adjustments to beam widths and spawn point locations.

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6 months ago 1.0.0

After a month of waiting, I have determined that the gamemode is stable enough to be considered 1.0.0. Does this mean development is over? No. If I have more testers and testing, I can make proper adjustments to make this mode more enjoyable. Anyways, there is not too much regarding changes. There was some script cleanup.

I also created a google form for those who want to leave feedback. Here is the link:

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7 months ago 0.5.0

Another huge revamp of key parts of this mode. This patch begins to address the problems with the gameplay flow. In the previous versions, the matches would become easily lopsided. To address this, the following changes have been made:

-Revamped maps and map mechanics: Arena maps have been removed and replaced with 6 arcade control maps (Oasis University, Lijiang Control Center, Lijiang Garden, Nepal Sanctum, Nepal Shrine, and Nepal Village Center). The beam on each map now moves from one predetermined point to another predetermined point. Players now spawn in spawn points, where they are completely invulnerable. -Team Size: To take advantage of the bigger maps, the team size has been increased to 6. Hopefully, this makes the game lopside less while not feeling too slow. -More HUD changes: HUD has been rearranged and look of each element has been revamped. HUD has had some more internal changes to eliminate bugs. Small messages now appear. -Team Leader Element changes: HUD, Icons, and In-world text have been internally reworked to eliminate duplication bugs. Team leaders also show their ult percentage. Team leaders cannot receive benefits of spawn points. -Beam deposition: Status effects no longer stop resource deposition. -Map Detection Script has been changed. This script by KevlaR#11440 is now being used: -Match Chat disabled by default to encourage team work. -More minor changes.

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7 months ago 0.4.0

Big Changes:

-Timer Change: Now, the game will change the match timer for each section. Like before, 60 seconds for non-beam spawn and 30 seconds for beam spawn. As a result, the big message warnings are gone. -Round-based system: Unlike TF2 Player Destruction, this mode will not go one for infinity. Due to the timer change, the mode needed another way of tracking the time. Introducing rounds! Each round contains one 60 second period and one 30 second period. There are ten rounds, so the game will still last a maximum of 15 minutes. -Internal HUD overhaul: The consistent HUD elements have been reworked internally to eliminate duplication bugs. -Beam Spawn changes: Warning ring is now always present. When beam spawns, a sound effect is played. An ambient sounds is played during beam spawn. The icon for the beam was changed. -Beam detection: Now, the beam detects players within a cylinder instead of a sphere. -Team Leader: Bugs have been fixed, and the icon for team leader has changed. -Positional adjustments: Castillo's and Ecopoint: Antarctica's beam position have been altered a little bit. -Castillo disabled: The bug in Castillo has recently been proved to be bigger than known before. It has been disabled, and it will likely stay this time for a while.

Notes: "I apologize for the false-positive bug fix reports. I thought they were fixed, but another variation would pop up afterwards. I cannot guarantee more bugs won't pop up, but I will try to eliminate them."

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7 months ago 0.3.3

Game Rule Adjustments: Now, it requires 50 points to win. (Notes: "After testing with a full lobby, 30 points was simply too small for this game mode.) Respawn time can no longer be self-initiated. Respawn time is 5 seconds. (Notes: "Self-initiated respawns led to spam. Having is with 5 seconds keeps the pace of the game while the player is still being punished.)

Changes to Beam: *Now, the player must not have the following statuses in order to be able to deposit resources into the beam:

  • Stunned
  • Hacked
  • Asleep
  • Frozen
  • Knocked Down
  • Phased Out *Notes: "Now, well-placed affects are rewarded, such as a Reinhardt shatter. This also prevent Reaper and Moira to just wraith and get a free point. Immortality field is not punished since it can be destroyed, and cc still works on it."

Changes to Team Leader: *Now, the team leader will appear after they have at least 2 resource points. (Notes: "I have concluded that a player getting spotted for simply having one point was a bit too much. This led to scenarios where the team is trying to recover but when one teammate had 1 point, the chance to make a come back quickly diminished.")

New: Castillo is enabled. (Notes: "I was being to cautious leaving it disabled. The bug is still present but most likely a majority of matches will not see it.") The game lobby will now balance teams after a game and will immediately start a new one (pre-match or not).

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7 months ago 0.3.2


*Team Resource count total.

Now, everyone has the total count of resources for each team (with the HUD text colored depending on which team it is. This also makes the mode more similar to TF2's Player Destruction.


*Team Leader HUD color HUD change.

This will only affect spectators, but now, the color of the team leader HUD will match the team color of the match. (Ie. When the spectator is spectating team 2, it will be red instead of blue. However, the player in team 2 will see it as blue.)

Changes I forgot to mention in previous patch notes:

Match chat enabled, and spectator count increased to 4. (In Ver. 0.3.0) The beam cycle starts right when assembly heroes phase ends (In Ver. 0.2.0)

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7 months ago 0.3.1

New: Player resource count is now above the team leader's head. Notes: "This will help players realize the significance of team leaders, in addition to the highlight the leader receives." "Also, this makes this mode more similar to the original TF2 Player Destruction." Because of the new in-world text, the icon for the team leader is an X instead of an exclamation mark. Collisions between the exclamation mark and the number were the reason for this change. Version number of this game mode now appears in the top right corner of the screen during pre-match in the format {0}:{1}:(2} Example: "0:3:1" for this version.

Bug Fix: Sometimes teammates would not be properly highlighted when their leader dies. Now, the teammate with the highest count should always be highlighted. The beam on Necropolis was too low. Now, it is at perfect height.

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7 months ago 0.3.0


*More Map Support ---Thanks to XERXES#21917 's Map Identifier Script Ver. 2.0, multiple maps are possible. ---Here are the maps now supported: ------Ecopoint Antarctica (old), Black Forest (new), Necropolis (new), Castillo (new) ---Castillo is currently disabled due to an orb spawning bug; however, this bug is very situational and the map is very playable. ------In order to enable it, just turn on the map in the lobby settings.

*Ring ---A ring now spawns right before the beam spawns. This allows players to visually and physically prepare for the beam spawn.

*"Welcome!" HUD text during pre-match.

Known Bugs:

*If the player is swapped to another team while alive, the "Resources" HUD text will be duplicated. No known fix for this currently.

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7 months ago 0.2.1

Description: -Added credit where credit is due.

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7 months ago 0.2.0

New features:

-Team Leader HUD Text --Now, anyone who is a team leader will have this HUD text below the resources HUD text. --Notes: "No need to emote to see if you have been marked! This HUD text will tell you that." -More Big Messages --Now, a message will appear before the beam spawns and one before the beam despawns. --Notes: "The mode needed a way to warn when the beam will spawn. The timer is tricky to manipulate. Instead, these new big messages will warn the players when it is time to switch strategies."


-Renamed "Hearts" to "Resources" --Notes: "Before, it was called hearts because it was the closest thing to "souls" (unavailable string option). Since at the core these orbs are resources, it was renamed to that." -As a result, the big messages, objective message, hud text, and description have been changes to reflect this. -Icon for beam has been changed to Arrow: Down to reflect the name change. -Waiting for game has been overhauled. --Now, the pre-match acts like regular team deathmatch, with no resources spawning, beams spawning, or special hud texts appearing. --Notes: "Spawning resources and depositing them is unnecessary during the pre-match. It also helps ensure that there are no entities or arrays that need to be cleaned up." -In addition, nothing that happened during the pre-match will carry over to the main match. --Now, the host does not have to worry about restarting the game in order to clean up.

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7 months ago 0.1.1


-Heart pickup radius was reduced from 2 m -> 1.5 m --Notes: "It seemed too easy for a fellow teammate to pick up the heart without much thought in the middle of a team fight."

Bug Fixes:

-Highlight on team leader would disappear after depositing at least one heart into beam. --Now, it should stay on the team leader until the player does not have the most hearts of the team. -Highlight would stay on player even if the player had zero hearts. --Now, it should disappear at zero, even if all other players are at zero.

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7 months ago 0.1.0

This revision contains no notes

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