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Juggernaut Raid

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20 days ago

raid juggernaut boss battle 6v1

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The juggernaut has 1000 hp and has a huge damage taken reduction, however they cannot heal. Most Knockbacks have lesser effects on a juggernaut. Currently, all tanks excluding D.Va can be selected by the juggernaut player. Raiders can see where the juggernaut is by the red skull icon above the player. There is also a red aura around them.

The following hero nerfs have been made:

  • All juggernaut tanks with shields (excluding Zarya) have had their shields disabled.
  • Juggernaut Zarya’s self bubble has a 300% cooldown duration.
  • Juggernaut Sigma’s Kinetic Grasp has been disabled.
  • Juggernaut Winston’s Primal Rage only lasts have the usual duration (5 seconds).
  • Raider Reinhardt's Charge has been disabled to prevent easy wins, e.g charging the juggernaut off a cliff.
  • Raider Sombra cannot hack - this is to prevent potential situations where the juggernaut is constantly CC’d. EMP is still available.
  • Raider Mei’s freeze does a minimum slowdown of 20% (not 30%), freeze rate is 10% and freeze duration is 20%.
  • Raider Bastion’s Self-Repair recharges at half the rate (50%).

Currently trying to make a work around for Juggernaut D.Va, as remeching post-ult leaves her with 600 hp. The other heroes will be made available to be selected as juggernaut in the future! A 3-man raid will also be in the works.